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Electronics Manufacturing Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Supplies for Electronics Manufacturing Clean Room Facilities

image representing electronics manufacturing cleanroom supplies and apparelCleanroom supplies and apparel for electronics manufacturing cleanrooms is a specialty of  Cleanroom Connection. We stock a complete selection of anti-static wipes, apparel and cleaning supplies as well as specialty soldering and assembly products. Our cleanroom products fully support microelectronics manufacturers as well. Cleanroom Connection stocks a complete selection of electro-static discharge (ESD) and anti-static cleanroom apparel and cleaning supplies. We understand your critical environments’ needs for static-free, dust-free environments where your staff is taking every safety precaution. Our ESD cleanroom wipes and anti-static cleaning products make it easy to safely handle and clean your products. The manufacturers we work with offer innovative products for controlling unwanted particulates. Our clients include semiconductor manufacturers, nanotechnology companies and other electronics manufacturing companies.

Contact us by phone or email and we will help you choose all of your cleanroom supplies. That is what we specialize in. We can explain how to use as well as which electronics manufacturing cleanroom supplies would be the right choice for your particular clean room.


  • Anti-Static Coveralls and Lab Coats
  • Anti-Static Wipes
  • ESD Cleaning Products
  • ESD and Anti-Static Finger Cots
  • Anti-Static Powder Free Nitrile Gloves
  • Anti-Static and ESD Shoe Covers
  • Soldering Supplies and Products
  • Stencil Wipes and Related Items
  • ESD Floor and Bench Mats
  • Eye Protection and Goggles
  • Tweezers and Related Cleanroom Hand Tools

ESD Finger Cots

image representing static dissipative fingercot for cleanrooms

Anti-static finger cots and esd fingercots for electronics manufacturers using clean rooms are available from Cleanroom Connection. Choose from latex or nitrile esd finger cots. We offer both QRP and Criti Clean cleanroom finger cots. Choose from rolled, unrolled as well as extra-thick esd finger cots to ensure no static passes from your body to the electronics you are manufacturing.

Anti-Static Wipes

image representing anti static ESD cleanroom wipes

ESD and anti-static lint free wipes are available for electronics and microelectronics manufacturing applications taking place in clean rooms. Choose from our anti-static polyester and carbon fiber wipes or our static dissipative nonwoven non-shedding wipes and foam esd wipes. Call for free samples on any of our esd or antistatic cleanroom wipes.

Anti-Static Clean Gloves

image representing nitrile powder free gloves for Class 100 cleanrooms

Anti-static powder-free cleanroom gloves are very popular with our electronics manufacturing cleanroom clients. Powder-free nitrile cleanroom gloves are anti-static and available in 9 inch and 12 inch lengths. Choose from boxes anti-static gloves or ones that come in cleanroom bags for more strict environments. Get samples on our electronics manufacturing cleanroom gloves.