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Cleanroom Cleaning Services and Training

Cleanroom Cleaning Services and Cleanroom Cleaning Training

image representing cleanroom cleaning services for pharmaciesCleanroom cleaning services are now available through Cleanroom Connection.  We have long-term relationships with the nations leading cleanroom cleaning services as a supplier to them. In recent months we have established agreements with these clean room cleaning companies to offer very discounted pricing to Cleanroom Connection customers. If you currently outsource your cleanroom cleaning to an outside company or are interested in having someone come and disinfect and give a deep-cleaning to your facility, give us a call. Our customers will receive a 20% discount off all cleaning services.

If you are a new cleanroom and are interested in having someone come clean your pharmacy or other type of clean room, as well as receive professional training on cleanroom cleaning at the same time, we are happy to offer this service as well. Our team of cleaning personnel have 30+ years experience in cleaning all types of clean rooms including USP 797, GMP, aerospace, electronics manufacturing and other high-tech cleanroom facilities.

Our goal at Cleanroom Connection is to be your one-stop cleanroom resource, whether it be for cleaning supplies, apparel, specialty items and now cleaning services and/or personal training on cleaning your controlled environment.

Pharmacy Cleaning

image representing pharmacy cleaning services

Our team of pharmacy cleaning experts consists of pioneer pharmacists, compounding facilities managers and full-time pharmacy cleaning personnel. Depending if you want to participate and learn during your pharmacy cleaning or if you just want somebody to come disinfect and fully clean your pharmacy on a daily basis, we have you covered. Whether you are USP 797 or GMP compliant, want to become a 503b outsource facility, need a mock-audit or are preparing for an FDA inspection, we have you covered. Our pharmacy cleaning team has hundreds of references available and numerous clients.


Cleanroom Cleaning

image representing cleaning services for clean rooms

We are teamed up with the nations largest full-time cleanroom cleaning and disinfection service company. Regardless of what state you are in, or the size of your clean room, we have you covered. Choosing the right company to clean your controlled environment is a very important decision. Choose someone inexperienced and you are making a very costly mistake. Our cleanroom cleaning experts have 30+ years of cleaning critical environments in all applications including pharmaceutical, data centers, aerospace, electronics manufacturing and other high-tech applications. References available.


Cleaning Lessons

image representing training for cleaning a cleanroom or pharmacy

Cleanroom cleaning lessons from highly trained personnel can be invaluable for new cleanroom facilities. It can be very confusing when you are faced with the task of properly cleaning your controlled environment. With all of the surfaces needing to be cleaned with the proper materials and chemicals, and then validating and verifying the cleanliness level, it can be daunting. Our friendly team of veteran cleanroom cleaning personnel will make a customized program for your facility and teach you every step of the way until you are comfortable doing it on your own. References available.


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