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Cleanroom Dispensers

High Quality Dispensers For Cleanroom Wipes, Gloves, Apparel and More

image representing dispensers for cleanroom wipe glove bouffant coverall product cleanroom dispenserCleanroom Connection offers a complete selection of high-quality cleanroom dispensers for controlled environments. Many cleanroom apparel and cleaning products come in bags so that they may easily be wiped down and disinfected before being bought into the clean room. However, now that these items are safely inside the clean room, need a safe and efficient way to dispense them for your employees use. That’s where cleanroom dispensers come into the picture. These dispensers are used for wipes, gloves, apparel, lab equipment and more.

If you are using our custom cleanroom dispensers, please note that you must choose the PETG cleanroom dispenser versions, since those can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. You cannot clean the acrylic dispenser with alcohol, it will ruin the material. Our cleanroom dispensers come in Acrylic or PETG and are available in anti-static coated. We also can build custom cleanroom dispensers based on your requirement.

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Types Of Cleanroom Dispensers

  • Apparel
  • Beard Cover Dispensers
  • Shoe Cover Dispensers
  • Bottle Holders
  • Ear Plug Dispensers
  • Face Mask Dispensers
  • Finger Cot Dispensers
  • Pipet Dispensers
  • Safety Glasses Dispensers
  • Safety Goggle Dispensers
  • Cleanroom Wipe Dispensers