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Cleanroom Face Masks

Cleanroom Face Masks For Sterile and Non-Sterile Critical Environments

Cleanroom face masks are worn over your nose and mouth to both protect you as well as the critical environment and products you are handling. Cleanroom masks are much cleaner in both their packaging and construction than your typical boxed surgical mask. These lint free masks are manufactured, clean processed, individually inspected and packaged inside of a controlled environment. This ensures that when you open our cleanroom face masks you will not contaminate your critical environment. Boxed face masks are not allowed to be used in a cleanroom since particles of the cardboard will get onto the masks and subsequently into your facility.

We stock cleanroom face masks suitable for use in your cleanroom in a variety of styles including earloops, four ties, head-loops, N95, R95 as well as pouch style cleanroom face masks. Based on positive feedback from our customers we offer these masks from high-quality manufacturers Criti-Clean, Kimberly Clark, and BioClean. Choose below from non-sterile or sterile clean room face masks.


kimberly clark masks pouch style kimtech 62484

A cleanroom face mask is different from standard boxed surgical masks. Cleanroom masks are designed to be low-lint or lint free. The materials of the face masks nor the packaging will generate particulates that contaminate a critical environment. Our Criti Clean brand of non-sterile cleanroom surgical masks are suitable for Class 100 cleanrooms, crafted from high quality materials, and made in the USA. Choose from earloop, four-ties, headloops, pouch style as well as N95 and R95 cleanroom masks. Call for free samples on any of our non-sterile masks for evaluation in your clean room.


kimberly clark sterile face masks pouch style kimtech 62483

Our comprehensive line of sterile face masks for cleanroom use are made by Kimberly Clark Kimtech and BioClean. These high quality masks are non-linting and gamma sterilized for aseptic critical cleanroom applications. These cleanroom masks reduce particulate transfer and microbial contamination of the cleanroom. Standard medical grade sterile surgical masks and their packaging are not designed to be low in particulates and lint-free. Choose from our hand-picked selection of sterile earloop, four-tie, headloop and pouch-style sterile clean room masks.