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Cleanroom Connection is a master distributor of cleanroom supplies, cleaning products, apparel, furniture, and related items. Being a master distributor means we receive the lowest pricing possible from our manufacturers. We even supply other cleanroom product resellers. Due to these special pricing agreements, we really can and do guarantee the best pricing.

The below manufacturers offer the highest quality cleanroom products in the USA. We have personally received product samples, evaluated them, and offered them to our customers as samples. Based on the reviews we receive, we have chosen these manufacturers as our core supply partners.

Here are some of our most-requested catalogs of cleanroom apparel and related products.


image representing bioclean cleanroom apparel and productsBioClean manufactures a very high-quality complete line of pharmaceutical and cytotoxic-drug compliant cleanroom gloves, apparel, wipes, masks, sterile goggles and related items that are cGMP compliant. Cleanroom Connection offers the complete BioClean product line as well as special pricing for volume orders.

View the catalog below.

BioClean Cleanroom Products Catalog

DuPont Controlled Environment Apparel

catalog of dupont cleanroom apparel and clothing coveralls isoclean tyvek and moreDuPont manufacturers the highest quality cleanroom apparel on the market. As the developer of tyvek and other materials that offer superior protection, fit and comfort, we are proud to offer the complete line of DuPont products. We recommend DuPont for the more critical cleanroom applications where premium product is needed. The pricing on DuPont items is often higher than other lower quality manufacturers. We stock DuPont coveralls, frocks, lab coats, masks, and all items found in the below catalogs.

DuPont Cleanroom Apparel Catalog

DuPont Personal Protection Catalog (Basic Tyvek, Tychem, ProShield)

Kimberly Clark and KimTech

image representing kimberly clark kimtech cleanroom products and garmentsKimberly Clark Professional offers a complete selection of absolutely everything you wear and use for personal hygiene when working in a hospital, health facility, lab or similar facility. As the preferred manufacturer of apparel for hospitals, Kimberly Clark Professional offers consistent reliability as well as economical pricing.

KimTech is the cleanroom product division of Kimberly Clark. We stock the complete KimTech line of products including sterile wipes, masks, coveralls, boot covers, hoods and more.

Kimberly Clark KimTech Cleanroom Product Catalog

Kimberly Clark Professional Catalog

Kimberly Clark Wipes Catalog

Decon Labs

image representing decon labs cleanroom disinfectantsDecon Labs is a USA-based cleanroom disinfectant and cleaning chemical manufacturing company located in Pennsylvania. They also offer a complete selection of cleanroom skin care and specialty chemicals for dishwashers, soaks, blood and radioactive cleanup products. Cleanroom Connection is a master distributor of Decon Labs products and offers special pricing agreements, free samples and direct technical support from Decon Labs inside technical expert.

Decon Labs Cleanroom Disinfectants Catalog

Decon Labs Cleanroom Skin Care Catalog

Decon Labs Specialty Chemicals (dishwasher, soaks, blood & radioactive cleanup)

VAI Veltek Associates

veltek-vai-sterile-disinfectant-catalogVeltek Associates Inc, VAI is a USA-based cleanroom disinfectant and cleaning chemical manufacturer that also offers a complete line of sterile apparel, wipes and cleaning tools. Cleanroom Connection is a master dealer for Veltek and offers special pricing, free drop shipping and direct technical support from the VAI inside tech expert.

Veltek Associates Catalog – Part 1

Veltek Associates Catalog – Part 2

Criti Clean

Criti Clean is part of Cleanroom Connection Inc. Over the years Cleanroom Connection has established partnerships with high-quality USA-based private manufacturers of cleanroom products. We have designed a complete line of cleanroom wipes, mops & mop covers, masks, paper, swabs and sticky mats. All Criti Clean products are manufactured 101% in the USA . We offer free samples on all Criti Clean products are available. A cool thing about having our own manufacturing partners here in the USA is we offer custom everything. If you need a custom sized or package quantity wipe, mask, swab, tacky mat, paper, notebook….if it’s Criti Clean, we can customize to suit your needs.

View Cleanroom Wipes  View Cleanroom Swabs

View Cleanroom Mops  View Sticky Floor Mats

View Cleanroom Paper View Cleanroom Tacky Rollers

View Cleanroom Masks

CT International ( CTI )

image representing cti glovesCT International CTI is a cleanroom glove manufacturer that offers a complete selection of latex and nitrile gloves for Class 10 through 100,000+ facilities. We are the nations leading dealer of CTI cleanroom gloves and offer special volume pricing, free samples and direct technical support through CTI’s inside tech expert. We recommend CTI gloves for all our customers regardless of industry.

CTI also manufacturers cleanroom shoe covers, beard covers and bouffant caps for Class 1000+ facilities.

View CTI Cleanroom Gloves Catalog

View CTI Lint Free Shoe Covers

View CTI Lint Free Bouffant Caps


image representing texwipe wipesTexwipe is a manufacturer of cleanroom wipes, swabs, chemicals and sticky mats for the cleanroom. We recommend the Texwipe mops to our customers due to ease of use, economical pricing, simple design and good customer service. We offer free samples on Texwipe products and have them listed throughout our site. If you would like to discuss a particular Texwipe item at depth, just give us a quick call.

Texwipe Cleanroom Swabs Catalog

Texwipe Cleanroom Mops Catalog

Texwipe Cleanroom Wipes Catalog

Hardy Diagnostics

image representing hardy diagnosticsHardy Diagnostics is the nations fastest growing manufacturer and supplier of sterility testing products. We offer media fill test kits for low, medium and high risk compounding as well as contact plates, slides, vial media and much more. We support the nations leading 500 sterile compounding pharmacies, both independent and inside hospitals. We are a master distributor of all Hardy Diagnostics products.

Hardy Diagnostics Microbiology Catalog

Hardy Diagnostics Media Fill Test Kits

Associates Of Cape Cod

image representing associates of cape codAssociates of Cape Cod is the leading manufacturer of endotoxin detection and testing products. They also offer glucan testing products as well as LAL tests and LAL reagents. Cleanroom Connection has teamed up with Associates of Cape Cod and offers factory direct technical support on all products along with specially negotiated pricing when the products are purchased through Cleanroom Connection.

Assssociates of Cape Cod Endotoxin and Glucan Detection Catalog

SPS Medical

sps medical distributor of sterilzation productsSPS Medical, now merged with Crosstex Medical, are our main manufacturer of sterilization supplies like biological and chemical indicators, bowie dick tests, sterilization wraps & pouches, indicator tapes and other related sterilization supplies. We are a master distributor of SPS Medical sterilization supplies.  We offer free samples and direct technical support through SPS’s inside technical experts.

SPS Medical Sterilization Supplies Catalog

Micronova Products

image representing micronova mopsMicronova is a manufacturer of cleanroom mops, cleaning chemicals, sponges and specialty cleaning tools for all cleanroom industries. We stock the complete line of Micronova products and offer free samples on most products. We recommend Micronova cleanroom mops to our customers, we find them to be high quality. View the mop and hardware catalogs below.

Micronova Cleanroom Mops Catalog

Micronova Mop Hardware Catalog

Covidien / Kendall

image representing chemo productsCovidien Kendall is the nations leading manufacturer of hospital supplies, chemotherapy safety apparel and pharmaceutical and IV products. Cleanroom Connection is a master distributor of all Covidien, Kendall and Sharps products. With USP 800 recently published, we have setup special pricing on all chemo gloves, gowns and spill kits for our customers. Give us a call for free samples and information on all Covidien and Kendall Medical products.

Covidien Chemotheraphy Protection Catalog

Covidien Hospital Supplies and Sharps Disposal Catalog

Pharma-Choice By Acute Care Pharmaceuticals

image representing pharma choice cleanroom suppliesPharma-Choice by Acute Care Pharmaceuticals manufactures a comprehensive selection of USP 797 compliant cleanroom cleaning products including sterile lint free wipes, gloves, mops, mop covers, tacky mats and cleaning chemicals for compounding pharmacies. Cleanroom Connection has special pricing agreements with Acute Care and passes these savings along to our customers. Call us for pricing and further information on any Pharma-Choice cleanroom supplies.

Pharma-Choice Cleanroom Product Catalog


sharps-containter-cleanroom-connectionSharps disposal containers for syringes, wastes, chemotherapy and hazardous waste are stocked by Cleanroom Connection. We offer the complete Sharps disposal container line with over 100 sizes and container configurations. Choose from portable Sharps drop cones to 18 gallon hazardous waster containers. Check out the below sharps catalog and give us a call for the guaranteed lowest pricing

View The Sharps Container Catalog


logo of UltraTape manufacturer of our cleanroom tapeUltraTape manufactures high-quality cleanroom tape right here in the USA. UltraTape offers cleanroom floor tapes, construction tapes, labeling tape and other cleanroom adhesive products. They offer individually wrapped tapes in three different cleanliness options suitable for the most critical cleanoom applications. Download their catalog below to find the correct part numbers and packaging style for your application.

View The UltraTape Cleanroom Tape Catalog


image representing metrex and cavicide hospital cleaning suppliesMetrex is the premier manufacturer of hospital disinfectant products like Cavicide and CaviWipes. Cross-contamination is the primary focus at Metrex. High level disinfectants, surface disinfectants, liquid medical waste disposal and instrument reprocessing chemicals are the primary products sold by Metrex. Cleanroom Connection is a master distributor for Metrex, download their catalog below.

View The CaviWipes and Cavicide Catalog

View The Metrex Instrument Reprocessing Product Catalog

View The Metrex Enzymatic Detergent Products Catalog


contec wipes and cleanroom mopsContec cleanroom products include wipes, mops and disinfectants suited for phamaceutical and life sciences cleanrooms. Cleanroom Connection has manufacturer-direct access to the complete line of Contec cleanroom supplies. We are cleanroom wipe and mop experts, call us and we can recommend the specific mop for cleaning application.

Contec Cleanroom Wipes

Contec Cleanroom Mops


technigloveTechNiGlove is a manufacturer of cleanroom gloves offering a complete selection of nitrile, latex and sterile gloves. TechNiGloves sterile nitrile gloves are also ASTM chemo rated for safe handling of chemotherapy drugs. We offer free samples on all TechNiGlove products.

View The TechNiGlove Catalog


image representing berkshire cleanroom productsBerkshire cleanroom products are available from Cleanroom Connection. These premium-quality cleanroom products are used in the most critical cleanroom applications. Berkshire offers cleanroom wipes, swabs, mops, cleanroom paper and glove liners. Their products are rated for ISO Class 3-5, Class 1-10 and are EU Grade A, B.

View The Berkshire Cleanroom Products Catalog

Ansell Gloves

image representing ansell cleanroom glovesAnsell gloves offers a complete selection of gloves for all industries. We distribute Ansell gloves to pharmacies, hospitals and various manufacturing clients who give the product great reviews and won’t use any other glove. We stock a large selection of Ansell cleanroom and industrial grade disposable and reusable gloves. We receive special pricing from Ansell and pass this savings to our customers. Download the Ansell 2015 catalog below.

View The Ansell Gloves Catalog

MicroFlex Gloves

image representing microflex gloves from cleanroom connectionMicroFlex manufactures a complete line of latex, nitrile, vinyl and chemical resistant gloves for both the cleanroom industry as well as lab and industrial industries.  Many of our customers request MicroFlex and swear by them. We stock the most popular MicroFlex cleanroom gloves and offer low pricing on the entire MicroFlex product line.

View The Complete MicroFlex Gloves Catalog