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Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipers

Durable General Purpose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipers

Our nonwoven cleanroom wipers are made from cleanroom-manufactured durable synthetic fibers and absorbent substrate. These wipers are excellent for cleaning a controlled environment because the polyester provides strength for chemical resistance and natural cellulose provides absorbency for effective spill control and general wiping purposes. Vacuum-sealed packaging ensures your cleanroom wipes arrive contamination free.

These wipes are commonly referred to as “cleanroom paper towels” due to their many cleaning abilities. Nonwoven cleanroom wipers have a smooth texture that has been physically clean-processed. Due to the composition of nonwoven wipes, they cannot be laundered and therefore are not suitable for extra critical-environments.

These nonwoven cleanroom wipers are ideal for Class 1000 cleanrooms, anterooms, isolators, buffer zone areas, and gowning rooms. However, these wipers’ higher particulate count is not suitable for ultra-clean environments.Our nonwoven wipes are inherently static-dissipative and extremely popular for virtually all cleanroom cleaning applications.

Criti Clean Nonwoven Lint Free Wipes

polycellulose wipes for cleaning your clean room Nonwoven polycellulose wipes made from a synergistic blend of 45% virgin polyester and 55% cellulose. The material is hydroentangled into a uniform, super-tough fabric without binders or starches. Polycellulose wipes are strong, clean, and absorbent making them reliable and effective. This style of cleanroom wipes also has electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties. These cleanroom wipes are created and packaged in a Class 100 cleanroom to guarantee use without introducing contamination.

These are our most popular lint-free wipes. They are used in so many industries and applications, they are referred to as “cleanroom paper towels”. These wipers are a cost-effective option for highly absorbent, lint-free industrial wipes for general wiping.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 444" x 4"120010 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 666" x 6"30010 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 999" x 9"30010 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 1212" x 12"15010 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 1818" x 18"7510 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 3636" x 36"7510 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - 4848" x 48"5010 Bags
CW - 1000 - PCNT - ROLLRoll Of Material
All Sizes Available

Criti Clean Clean-Quilt 2-Ply Nonwoven Lint Free Wipes

two layer lint free cleanroom wipesClean-Quilt 2-ply Quilted Polypropylene Wipes are the perfect cleaning tool for extra tough cleaning.  These 2-ply cleanroom wipes are lint-free, clean processed and offer double the amount of absorption and durability.

These high quality, meltblown nonwoven wipers are super absorbent, solvent resistant, non-abrasive, and abrasion resistant. The sturdy dual layer construction offers a very soft, fluffy feel that stands up to abrasive use without linting. This quilted cleannroom wipe has the durability and absorbency that makes it usable in virtually all cleanroom applications, especially where you need a tougher, more absorbent wipe. These wipers safely remove chemical spills in ISO Class 5+ controlled environments. Call us for the current sale price on the following products or learn more about these quilted lint free wipes.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 1000 - QS - 888" x 8"10010 Bags
CW - 1000 - QS - 111211" x 12"10010 Bags