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Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

Many Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes Options

presaturated alcohol cleanroom wipesPresaturated cleanroom wipes are high quality cloths of various substrates with extremely low levels of contamination. Pre-wetted wipes minimize VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and eliminate storage, control and dilution of IPA solution. Cleanroom alcohol wipes are durable and soft for scratch-sensitive surfaces. A key feature of presaturation is precise saturation of the solvent. The provides optimal particle and contaminant removal and solvent usage as well as increases consistency of critical component cleaning. Multiple packaging options and solvent solutions are available to meet your exact environmental, protocol, and process cleaning applications.

Our presaturated wipers brands include Criti Clean, Kimberly Clark, KimTech, Veltek, Texwipe, and Berkshire. Because of the large variety of options, not all of our presaturated cleanroom wipes are listed on our site. Please call to talk with one of our trained cleanroom consultants to get samples of the wipes that best meet the needs of your critical environment.

We offer both sterile and non-sterile presaturated wipes. Depending on the wipe material they are compatible with ISO Class 3 – 6+ facilities.

True Care Sterile 70% Isopropyl Presaturated Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes

image representing lint-free, non-shedding sterile isopropyl wipes for cleaning a clean room or pharmacy.True Care lint-free sterile 70% IPA wipes are our top selling sterilized prewetted lint free wipe. The clean-processed, nonwoven wipe is presaturated with sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol and measures 9 inches by 9 inches. They come in thick plastic pouches with a plastic spring hinged side door that seals shut automatically. You open the door, remove a wipe and the door closes. Each pouch comes double bagged. There are 24 pouches with 30 wiper per pouch in each case. Cleanroom Connection offers the guaranteed lowest pricing on these prestaurated sterile ipa wipes. True Care sterile 70% isopropyl wipes are our most popular presaturated clean room wipe.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – True Care Sterile 70% Isopropyl Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberMaterialSizesWipers Per PackCase Qty
CW-TCBWALC30Polyester Cellulose9" x 9"
3024 Packs

Decon Labs Cidehol 70 Presaturated Isopropyl Wipes

image representing decon labs 8775 cidehol 70 presaturated cleanroom wipesCidehol 70 Presaturated IPA Wipes by Decon are pre-wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% USP grade water. The solvent is WFI (water for injection) quality and ideal for use in your USP 797 compounding pharmacy cleanroom. These wipes are versatile for cleaning hard surfaces such as lab equipment and work areas in cleanrooms and other controlled environment facilities. Excess moisture evaporates quickly leaving no lint behind. These presaturated cleanroom wipes come in a convenient “pop-up” canister.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – Cidehol 70% Isopropyl Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberSizesWipers Per CanisterCase Qty
CW - 87756" x 7"16012 Canisters

Kimberly Clark KimTech Sterile 70% IPA Presaturated Wipes

image representing presaturated cleanroom wipe kimberly clark 76490 sterile alcohol wipesKimberly Clark 76490 KimTech sterile 70% IPA presaturated cleanroom wipes are our most requested sterile prewetted wipe. These wipes are 9″x11″ and are packaged in bags of 40 wipes. Another great thing about these wipes is they are cleaner than the other presaturated cleanroom wipes we sell. These wipes are ISO4 Class 10 compatible. These wipes are made from a special nonwoven blend that is cleaner and more durable than polyester cellulose blends. Our customers have given us consistent positive evaluations on these wipes, liking them better than Texwipe and Contec prewetted wipes. For free samples on this Kimberly Clark 76490 wipe, simply give us a call.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – Kimberly Clark KimTech 76490 Sterile IPA Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 76490
11" x 9"4010 Bags of 40 Wipes

Alcoh-Wipe 70% Sterile Isopropyl - Individual Packed Prewetted Wipes

image representing presaturated cleanroom wipes alcoh-wipeAlcoh-Wipes are pre-saturated with 70% USP-grade isopropyl alcohol along with WFI, water for injecion. These wipes are individually wrapped, with 100 wipes per case. These wipes are made of polyester which is the cleanest of all lint-free wipe materials and is available in your choice of 6”x6”, 12”x12” and 18”x18” sizes. Alcoh wipes can be used in both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, stainless steel, Lexan, polycarbonate, glass, and any critical surface that requires cleaning. The alcohol that saturates these wipes has been filtered at 0.2 microns and the entire wiper package is then terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation at 10-6 SAL. Lot-specific certificates of analysis and sterility come with each case. Particulates, residues, and foreign matter is effectively entrapped in the webbing of these continuous knit presaturated polyester cleanroom wipes.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – Alcoh Wipes Sterile 70% / 91% Isopropyl Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW-VEL6-12x12-S230212" x 12"1100 Wipes
CW-VEL6-18x18-S230418" x 18"1100 Wipes
CW-VEL6-6x6-S23076" x 6"1100 Wipes

Texwipe Sterile 70% Isopropyl Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

image representing sterile presaturated alcohol wipeTexwipe  TX3214 / TX3217 Sterile Presaturated Clean Room Wipe is pre-wetted with sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). These are the wiper of choice for USP  compounding pharmacies and cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing that require a sterile pre-saturated alcohol wiper to clean surfaces and equipment.This wipe’s polyester cellulose blend makes it extremely durable, absorbent, and lint free. They are packaged in a resealable thick plastic pouch. The easy-to-seal opening keeps the wipes sterile and moist. There are no sharp edges to cause pulls or tears. These wipes offer the perfect solution for quick and easy aseptic cleaning procedures. You don’t need to saturate the wipes yourself on top of trying to maintain sterility.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – Texwipe TX3217 / TX3214 Sterile IPA Prewetted Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberMaterialSizesWipers Per PackCase Qty
CW - TX3214Polyester Cellulose9" x 11"
5024 Packs
CW - TX3217Polyester Cellulose9" x 11"
2024 Packs

Steri-Perox Sterile Peroxide Prewetted Cleanroom Wipes

image representing presaturated cleanroom wipes steri-peroxSteri-Perox wipes saturated with sterile hydrogen peroxide offer the convenience of cleaning with peroxide without having to apply spray or dip your wipes. Application overage and sterility assurance is easily achieved with these wipes that are lint free, and prewetted with cleanroom-grade sterile hydrogen peroxide. Cleanroom Connection stocks these wipes in both sterile and non-sterile form and our customers report good reviews in using these wipes to clean filling machines, packaging machines as well as hard surfaces like stainless steel, lexan, polycarbonate, glass, and other critical surfaces in your clean room environment. The wipes are constructed and packaged using a unique and patented system by Veltek called Asepti-Fill which assures sterility of the wipes is contained.  Steri-Perox wipes are sometimes used as an alternate for 70% IPA wipes and leaves no residue behind. These sterile peroxide cleanroom wipes are the only cleanroom-grade sterile sterile hydrogen peroxide wipe available in the USA. Our pharmacy customers report that they use these peroxide lint free wipes for a broad range of cleaning jobs including intricate locations. This wipe is also an excellent option for cleaning critical areas where the need to lower VOC’s is required.

These wipes are stocked by Cleanroom Connection in both sterile and non-sterile versions and come in a nice 12″x12″ size to cover both small and large surfaces. The wipes are delivered with the lot numbers marked on all packaging and come with a lot-specific certificate of sterility and certificate of analysis. These sterile hydrogen peroxide wipes are also sterility tested according to current USP compendium and come with sealed edges to ensure no loose particles coming off the edges. These wipes are laundered in ultra-filtered water and then dried in the clean room under a ULPA filtered Class 1 air stream for maximum freshness and dryness. Steri-Perox wipes  are packaged in the quadruple-bag ABCD cleanroom introduction system to ensure ease of opening, use and storage. Comes 20 wipes per pack that are folded for easy removal and use by all techs.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – Steri-Perox Sterile Peroxide Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberDescSizeBag QtyCase Qty
CW-VEL10-S3014Steri-Perox, 3%, Sterile12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes
CW-VEL10-S3016Steri-Perox, 6%, Sterile12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes
CW-VEL10-3015Steri-Perox, 3%12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes
CW-VEL10-3017Steri-Perox, 6%12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes

Veltek Hypo-Chlor Sodium Hypochlorite Prewetted Cleanroom Wipes

image representing hypo-chlor presaturated clean room wipersHypo-Chlor Wipes saturated with sterile sodium hypochlorite bleach are a new item that mixes convenience with the ease of using a sterile bleach wipe that’s lint free. These prewetted cleanroom bleahc wipes come in bleach concentrations of 0.25%, 0.52% and 5.25% to cover all cleaning applications where sodium hypochlorite is called for. Cleanroom Connection stocks both sterile and non-sterile Hypo-Chlor wipes so that regardless if you are working in an aseptic critical environment or just a lab, you have the convenience of presaturated lint free cleanroom-grade bleach wiping without having to wet the wipes yourself.  These wipes are compatible for wipe downs of filling machines, packing machines, hard surfaces including lexan, polycarbonate, glass, and any other critical surface that is in your clean room.

Veltek’s patented Asepti-Fill system gives your the confidence of sterility assurance.  As a master dealer of Veltek products, Cleanroom Connection is proud to stock and offer the lowest pricing on sterile sodium-hypochlorite wipes. In fact, these wipes are the one and only cleanroom-grade sterile sodium hypochlorite wipe available in the USA. Our customers tell us that these wipes are very cool because you are able to avoid spraying bleach and hitting areas that you don’t want to get bleach on.

These wipes come in 12″x12″ size, sterile or non-sterile, are lot numbered on all packaging as well as delivered with a certificate of sterility from the manufacturer. Clean cut sealed edges ensure no loose particles coming off and these wipes are cleanroom laundered in ultra-filtered water as well as dried under a ULPA filtered Class 1 air flow steam. Special ABCD packaging from Veltek make opening and using in the proper method easy. Wipes come 20 per pack and are folded in a way that makes for easy removal and use.

Manufacturer Tech Sheet – Hypo-Chlor Sterile Bleach Sodium Hypochlorite Cleanroom Wipes

Part NumberDescSizeBag QtyCase Qty
CW-VEL9-S3018Hypo-Chlor, .52%, Sterile12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes
CW-VEL9-S3020Hypo-Chlor, .25%, Sterile12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes
CW-VEL9-S3025Hypo-Chlor, 5.25%, Sterile12"x12"20 Wipes100 Wipes
CW-VEL9-3019Hypo-Chlor, .52%12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes
CW-VEL9-3021Hypo-Chlor, .25%12"x12"20 Wipes200 Wipes