Aluminum Sticky Mat Frame

Criti Clean aluminum sticky mat trays are a step-up from the basic trays that go under your sticky mat. These aluminum frames are heavy duty and offer an enhanced look in your clean room. We offer aluminum frames for all size cleanroom tacky floor mats. We recommend these metal tack mat frames for high-traffic areas or in places where carts or heavy objects frequently roll over your mats. This frame may interfere with a door open swing.

  • Put under your sticky mat
  • Aluminum
  • 18″x36″ to 36″x60″ sizes
  • Allows you to move your tacky mat
  • Heavy-duty, durable
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatable
  • Made specifically for clean rooms
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Criti Clean aluminum tacky mat frames are our most durable tacky mat frame. These aluminum tacky mat frames are composed of an anodized aluminum border with a rigid plastic center. They are made right here in the USA using the highest quality components that are both inert and non-contaminating. Our metal tacky mat frame tray has a non-skid backing layer to ensure the frame will not move. There is a 3/16″ profile using this frame, so please check before placing it directly in front of an opening door for clearance. Applications that our customers really like using our aluminum tacky mat frame tray are fore entrances to clean rooms, laboratories, offices, hospitals, as well as manufacturing and construction sites.


  • Allows you to easily relocate your tacky mat at any time
  • Eliminates adhesive residue being left on your floor
  • Rolled edges so your carts can easily roll on and off the sticky mat tray
  • Anti-skid underside ensures sticky mat tray stays in place
  • Attractive high-end metal look
  • Placed under your sticky mats so you don’t have to adhere the mat to your floor
  • Cleanroom entrances
  • Worksite entrances
  • Ideal for general use in all cleanroom environments to clean shoe bottoms before entering