Criti Clean Sticky Mats

Criti Clean cleanroom sticky mats come in a large variety of sizes to fit all entrances. You stick these cleanroom mats to the floor at the entrance. When you walk over these sticky mats, all of the loose particles on your shoes are pulled off. This ensures that those loose particles don’t end up inside of your controlled environment. Choose from 18″x36 through 36″x60″ sizes on our cleanroom tack floor mats. We offer white and blue colors. Made in the USA.

  • Blue or white color
  • 18″x36″ to 36″x60″ sizes
  • 30 sheets per mat, 8 mats per case
  • 60 sheets per mat, 4 mats per case
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatable
  • Made specifically for clean rooms


Criti Clean cleanroom sticky mats are suitable for use in all cleanroom environments. The adhesive on the sticky floor mats placed at the entryway of your cleanroom pulls off loose particles such as lint and dirt from shoe bottoms. These sticky mats come in both blue and white colors. 30-sheet and 60-sheet mats are offered. We evaluated the different brands of cleanroom mats on the market in the areas of tack level, packaging, sheet layer thickness, ease of pulling off the top sheets, and overall construction. The Criti Clean sticky mats stood out over the others and our customers agree. Another great thing about these tacky mats is that they are made in the USA. Sticky adhesive mats are usually the first attack on contamination since these remove particles and dirt before you even enter your critical environment. If you would like to move your sticky mats around, check out our sticky mat trays.


  • Low profile: 1.9 mil/50 micron LDPE (low density polyethylene)
  • Water-based acrylic adhesive at thickness of .4 mil/8 micron
  • Rupture elongation: >300%
  • Heat resistance up to 170 degrees F for 40 hours
  • Medium tack level (8.5 oz/180g per 25mm) is easy to walk over while still removing 99% of loose particles
  • Pads available in 30 sheets or 60 sheets
  • Packaging options include 4 mats per case or 8 mats per case
  • Attractive, vibrant blue and white colors available
  • Easy-to-peel layers with numbered corner tab to track number of remaining layers
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Made in the USA