Texwipe Polyester Strip BetaMop

Texwipe TX7106 BetaMop resembles your typical polyester strip mop used at home. However, the Texwipe BetaMop uses ultra-clean processed polyester strip mop heads to ensure no lint is left on your clean room floor. The handle and mop components are made from non-shedding cleanroom-safe materials. This mop system and disposable mop heads are fully steam autoclavable for aseptic areas.

  • Lint-free mop
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatable
  • Ultra-clean polyester strip mop heads
  • Easy-to-use
  • Requires a bucket / wringer
  • Economical
  • Made in the USA
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Texwipe BetaMop TX7106 polyester strip cleanroom mops are made with laser cut, triple laundered polyester strips. These laundered polyester mop heads are individually packaged in a Class 10 cleanroom. Their laser-cut construction and tubular 100% knit polyester material are low-linting. Their superior absorbency makes for efficient cleaning of floor, walls, or ceiling in Class 10+ cleanroom environments. We recommend these mops for deep cleaning and for preliminary cleaning since they are great for scrubbing and loosening up debris. Texwipe BetaMop polyester strip cleanroom mop heads are laser-cut with sealed edges to ensure no lint is left behind when mopping your cleanroom floor. These polyester strip cleanroom mops are ISO5 Class 100 compatible and come individually packaged. They are made in the USA and packaged inside of a Class 10 cleanroom. These cleanroom mop heads have high quality laser-cut construction and seamless, 100% knitted tubular polyester material ensure no lint is left behind on the floor, walls, or ceiling. These durable mop heads are used with a basic-clamp style mop handle. Using clamp attachments on the bottom of a mop handle, they fit most standard cleanroom mop handles as well. These polyester strip cleanroom mop heads are available in both standard and wide strip versions as well as standard 16oz or a heavyweight 24oz size. Their superior absorbency makes for efficient for deep cleanroom cleaning.

The Texwipe BetaMop Starter Kit includes a mop head and mop handle.


  • Lint-free mop
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatable
  • Bucketless style
  • Uses disposable ultra-clean covers
  • Mop covers are autoclavable
  • Economical
  • Rapid-change mophead covers
  • Foam pad configuration
  • 15” x 8” mop head
  • Low profile, swivel head design
  • Superior strength against abrasion
  • Ultra-low particle generation and extractables
  • Made in the U.S.A.