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Pharmacy Consulting and Training

Consulting and Training Services For Compounding Pharmacies

Cleanroom Connection now offers pharmacy consulting services teaming up with the nation’s leading pharmacy consulting and training company to better serve our customers. With many of our clients being newly established compounding pharmacies, we have high demand for our high-quality on-site consultations and educational training for USP 797 compliance, USP 800 compliance, as well as GMP compliance. Choose from video conferencing, on-site training, or create a complete customized implementation program for your staff.


Our pharmacy consulting and training team of compounding experts include industry leaders in the following areas:

  • USP 800 and 797 Compliance
  • cGMP FDA Compliance for 503B
  • Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk Compounding
  • Cleanroom Design and Building Services
  • Pharmacy Cleanroom Product Supply Chain
  • Cleanroom Cleaning and Certification


USP 797

image representing usp 797 training

USP 797 consulting and training will prepare you for maximum safety in preparation of sterile products. USP 797 is the first set of enforceable sterile compounding standards issued by the USP, or United States Pharmacopeia. USP 797 training will help you and your staff understand and implement the guidelines, procedures and compliance requirements for compounding sterile preparations. Get assistance from veteran pioneer compounding pharmacists with over 30 years experience. Avoid confusion, errors and FDA audit problems by doing it right the first time. Call us today at 800-616-5319.



USP 800

image representing usp 800 training for pharmacies

USP 800 consulting and training will prepare your staff for safely working with and administering hazardous drugs like chemotherapy. USP Chapter 800 was created to provide standards for protecting pharmacists and anybody else when handling hazardous drugs, also known as HDs. Recent studies revealed the fact that each year approximately eight million workers in the healthcare industry are exposed to hazardous drugs. Get expert guidance via webinar, video-teleconferencing or on-site through our USP 800 training partners to ensure the safety of your staff, patients and to protect your pharmacy.



image representing cgmp training for pharmacies

cGMP training and consulting is becoming more popular due to the ever-increasing demand for the purest pharmaceutical products. cGMP, the abbreviation for “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” are the FDA guidelines which have the force of law, and require that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and blood to proactively take steps that ensure their products are safe, pure, and effective. cGMP training and consulting teach your staff to comply with these regulations that require a quality approach to manufacturing, thus minimizing or eliminating occurences of contamination and mistakes.

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