Cleanroom Mop Training Videos Using HydroFlex PurMop


HydroFlex is a high-quality cleanroom product manufacturer located in Germany. They offer the highest quality cleanroom mops that we’ve come across. They are more effective and priced better than Contec and Texwipe mops. We also really like that they are sterile, individually wrapped and come in some really nice materials for different cleaning applications. Choose from both dry and prewetted mop heads as well as a bucketless system or their state-of-the-art touchless ERGO bucket system. We highly recommend the sterile HydroFlex PurMop and 2.0 ERGO touch-free mopping systems to customers looking for the best aseptic mops. We offer free samples as well as guidance and training on all Hydroflex cleanroom products.

Cleanroom Connection offers on-site training on how to use the PurMop ERGO touchless bucket systems upon request. Unlike any other mopping system on the market, the ERGO features touchless performance, reproducible processes and advanced ergonomics. Regardless if your clean room is 500 square feet or 5000 square feet, the ERGO system ensures effortless cleaning with a built in system for changing and discarding mop covers without touching them.


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