Sterile Lab Glassware Cleaning Chemicals


Laboratory glassware and labware cleaning chemicals are for use in automatic labware washing machines that dispense liquid as well as in ambient soaking procedures. Our line of glass labware cleaners are phosphate-free and chlorine-free for safe environmental lab use and tissue culture work. Choose from a variety of product sizes from our cleanroom glassware cleaners and labware apparatus cleaning chemicals. Foam-free labware cleaning chemicals, as well as standard forms, are available depending on the glassware cleaning machine and manual soaking used to clean your beakers, test tubes, and other delicate glass items. Our glass-cleaning chemicals leave no interfering residue or streaks ensuring your glass apparatus look new and are ready-to-use after every washing. Protect your investment in glass labware with these glass cleaners recommended for critical cleaning where free-rinsing and residue-free results are vital. Suitable for plant cleaning such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical production equipment.

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Contrad 70 Soaking Cleaner

Contrad 70 is the ultimate labware cleaner, and is a liquid detergent concentrate that gets everything clean by soaking, scrubbing or ultrasonics. It is completely rinsable and will leave no residues.  This glassware cleaning chemical is phosphate-free and disposable straight to the drain. Contrad 70 is perfect for cleaning of all labware, process equipment, ultrasonic cleaning and radioactive decontamination.

  • Most popular glassware cleaner
  • 1 liter – 12pcs
  • 5 liter – 4pcs
  • Concentrate
  • No need to scrub, can be ambient soak
  • Removes virtually every contaminant
  • Totally rinsable
  • Made in the USA
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image representing non-foaming glassware cleaner and labware cleaner chemicals for dishwashing

Contrad NF Non-Foaming Autowasher Detergent

Contrad NF is a non-foaming concentrated liquid detergent for used in high-pressure cleaning applications including laboratory and industrial automatic washers, clean-in-place (CIP) systems, steam washers, and other critical cleaning systems. Phosphate-free and chlorine-free, Contrad NF is recommended for critical cleaning of labware, where total rinsability and residue-free results are essential and for biotechnology and pharmaceutical production equipment and other plant cleaning applications.

  • Non-foaming dishwashing detergent
  • 1 gallon – 4pcs
  • 2.64 gallon – 2pcs
  • Concentrate
  • Residue free, totally rinseable
  • Use in automatic labware washing machines
  • Made in USA
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