Germicidal Sticky Mat

Criti Clean germicidal sticky mats kill and neutralize bacteria, fungus, and germ particles as they pull the particles from your shoe bottoms. Adhere these cleanroom mats to the floor at the entrance of your critical areas and ante-rooms. As you walk over these sticky mats, all of the loose particles on your shoes are pulled off. These germicidal antimicrobial cleanroom sticky mats are great for hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities where germs and other types of particle contamination are a concern. Made in the USA.

  • Germicidal adhesive
  • Blue or white color
  • 18″x36″ to 36″x60″ sizes
  • 30 sheets per mat, 8 mats per case
  • 60 sheets per mat, 4 mats per case
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatible
  • Made specifically for cleanrooms


Criti Clean germicidal antimicrobial sticky mat products are very popular in hospital pharmacies, food handing facilities, sterile compounding pharmacies and GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms. This sticky mat looks and works in the same manner as our standard tacky mat. The adhesive on this sticky mat has a cleanroom-safe germicide formulated into it that neutralizes many germs, fungus, and bacteria on contact. Normal sticky mats just pull off the loose particles such as dirt and lint from the bottom of shoes. In most clean rooms that is sufficient. However, when you are working in a sterile or germ-sensitive controlled facility, these mats add extra protection by killing germs on the bottom of your shoes before you enter the critical environment.

These germ-killing cleanroom sticky floor mats are used in sterile cleanroom applications, food handling and processing, sterile compounding pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, medical laboratories, and biomedical facilities.  Made in the USA.


  • Germicide formulated into adhesive to kill germs on contact
  • Medium tack level is easy to walk over
  • 30 sheets per mat or 60 sheets per mat
  • Four mats per case or eight mats per case packaging options
  • Vibrant blue or white color
  • Easy to peel layers with numbered corner tab to track remaining layers
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • To be able to move your germicidal sticky mat around, see our sticky mat trays
  • Made in the USA