Texwipe AlphaMop

Texwipe TX7108 AlphaMop is our most popular lint-free cleanroom mop. This is an easy-to-use, economical, lightweight mop that resembles a swiffer for the clean room. Using clean-processed disposable polyester covers, and a foam pad for scrubbing, this cleanroom mop is a great solution for small to medium sized clean rooms. It is also available in a smaller size as well as in an isolation hood cleaning tool version.

  • Starter kit with mop, cover & pad
  • Lint-free mop covers
  • Lint-free foam pads
  • Sterile mop covers
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatable
  • Bucketless style
  • Economical
  • Made in the USA


Texwipe AlphaMop TX7108 lint free cleanroom mop is a superior large surface cleaning tool for ultra-clean production and cleanroom environments. The mop head size – 15″x8″ – provides maximize coverage for efficient and effective application of disinfectants and cleaning of walls, floors, and ceilings. The quick change mop heads are a foam pad with laundered knitted polyester to minimize contamination for environments requiring low particles, extractables, and ionic contamination. The TX7108 comes with a fiberglass handle. The AlphaMop is packaged in a cleanroom facility using Bag-Within-A-Bag® cleanroom packaging. This TX7108 Texwipe AlphaMop is low in particulates, extractables, and ionic contamination. It is designed for the rigorous protocols of ultraclean production and cleanroom environments. Its large mop head (15″ x 8″) makes quick work of evenly applying disinfectants or removing contamination and residue from walls, floors and ceilings. The AlphaMop saves time with its rapid change cover and foam pad design that makes replacing the cover quick and easy. The mophead cover is laundered knit polyester. Comes with a fiberglass handle.

The Texwipe AlphaMop Starter Kit included mop head, mop handle, 1 foam pad, 6pcs mop covers


  • Lint-free mop
  • Class 100 ISO5 compatable
  • Bucketless style
  • Uses disposable ultra-clean covers
  • Mop covers are autoclavable
  • Economical
  • Rapid-change mophead covers
  • Foam pad configuration
  • 15” x 8” mop head
  • Low profile, swivel head design
  • Superior strength against abrasion
  • Ultra-low particle generation and extractables
  • Made in the U.S.A.