Sterile shoe covers and high-top boot covers are suitable for use in your aseptic critical environment. These products are packaged and manufactured inside of a clean room to make them safe for your controlled environment. Sterile foot coverings come individually wrapped and clean-processed for use in ISO5 Class 100 environments. We stock both aseptic boot covers and shoe covers. Choose from sterile Tyvek, microporous, and other materials depending on your facility environment. Choose from anti-skid or plain bottom sterile booties. Most customers use the sterile boot cover style to ensure generous ankle skin coverage. If the shoe covers are used as an outer covering, then the lower cut shoe cover style will work for your staff. We offer free samples on all of our sterile shoe and boot covers. Our sterilized shoe cover brands include Dupont IsoClean, GammaGuard CE, VAI Veltek, and BioClean.

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veltek vai easy2gown sterile cleanroom boot covers

1700 Series Veltek Sterile Boot Covers

VAI Veltek 1700 series sterile cleanroom boot covers come with an anti-skid bottom. These sterile overshoes are knee height, have a tie top, and elastic ankle for a snug, secure fit. The Easy2Gown folding and packaging on this cleanroom boot cover simplifies aseptic garbing procedure. These boot covers are ISO5 Class 100 compliant, individually packed, and both fluid and dry particle resistant. Gamma-irradiated to 10-6 sterility assurance.

  • Sterile
  • Knee-height, tie top, elastic ankle
  • Anti-skid gray bottom
  • For use in Class 100 ISO5+ Cleanrooms
  • Individually packed pairs in Easy2Gown donning packages
  • 50 pairs per case
  • Size S/M, L/XL, 2X/3X
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ic458 sterile isoclean tyvek clean room boot coversdupont isoclean ic458 tyvek lint free sterile cleanroom boot covers

DuPont IsoClean Non-Slip Boot Covers

DuPont Isoclean Tyvek cleanroom non-slip boot covers are made from authentic clean-processed Tyvek. These are the cleanest boot covers we offer. Comes in sizes medium, large or extra-large. IsoClean Tyvek boot covers are ISO5 Class 100 compatible and are also available non-sterile bulk-packed or individually packaged as well as sterile individual packaging. The patented Gripper non-slip soles offer superior traction even on the slipperiest of floors.

  • Superior non-slip bottoms
  • Sterile or non-sterile options
  • Bulk packed or individual packed (sterile is individually packaged)
  • White color
  • ISO5 Class 100 compatible
  • Tie-top with elastic top / ankle for snug, secure fit
  • Medium, Large, or X-large sizes
  • Lint-free
  • Cleanest boot cover available
  • Non-sterile: 100 per box, bulk-packed or individually packaged in pairs
  • Sterile: 100 per box, individually packed in pairs. 20 per outer bag. 2 polyethylene liners.
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gammaguard sterile cleanroom lint free shoe covers and boot coversgammaguard ce sterile boot covers ce11106cis

GammaGuard Sterile Boot & Shoe Covers

GammaGuard CE sterile shoe covers and boot covers come in large and extra large sizes and are individually wrapped. They are Class 100 cleanroom compatible. These sterilized shoe and boot covers are economically priced, very high quality, and have a low profile textured anti-skid sole. They feature 10-6 sterility assurance, are recyclable, and very breathable.

  • Sterile with certificate of sterility
  • Individually packed pairs
  • 100 pair per case for boot covers
  • 200 pair per case for shoe covers
  • Anti-skid vinyl bottom
  • Large or XL sizes
  • Lint-free
  • ISO5 Class 100 compatible
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