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Effective & Affordable Hydroponics Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Connection offers a full line of cleanroom supplies for cannabis growing cleanrooms and harvesting facilities. We support the nation’s leading growers with sterile disposable gloves, protective apparel, and cleaning supplies to ensure a contamination-free grow environment.

We offer free guidance in choosing the correct products and we help ensure you are compliance with all USP regulations which is required since cannabis is considered a pharmaceutical. This ensures your end-products are safe and effective for use. We have helped pharmacies and pharma manufacturers with compliance for almost 20 years. Our dedicated staff works closely with our clients as part of their team. We partner with the nation’s leading cannabis cleanroom consultants that offer DEA, FDA and other compliance consulting services.

Your marijuana and hemp plants must be cultivated, harvested, and dried in a sterile environment free of bacteria, germs, and pests. We can make that easier and more affordable. Contact us for free samples on all of the most popular lint-free and sterile apparel, gloves, masks, coveralls, lab coats and mops. We have a best price guarantee on all our cleanroom supplies.

Free Expert Advice & Samples

Our high-quality, made-in-America cleanroom supplies and consumables ensure your hydroponics clean room stays clean and in compliance with the FDA and USP guidelines. Try free samples of our hydroponics cleanroom gloves, disposable apparel, and cleaning supplies along with expert guidance from our cleanroom consultants.

Depending on your crop, certain cleanroom supplies and apparel will work better than others. Give us a call to discuss your hydroponics clean room needs for recommendations on the right products.