Contrad NF Non-Foaming Autowasher Detergent

Contrad NF is a non-foaming concentrated liquid detergent for used in high-pressure cleaning applications including laboratory and industrial automatic washers, clean-in-place (CIP) systems, steam washers, and other critical cleaning systems. Phosphate-free and chlorine-free, Contrad NF is recommended for critical cleaning of labware, where total rinsability and residue-free results are essential and for biotechnology and pharmaceutical production equipment and other plant cleaning applications.

  • Non-foaming dishwashing detergent
  • 1 gallon – 4pcs
  • 2.64 gallon – 2pcs
  • Concentrate
  • Residue free, totally rinseable
  • Use in automatic labware washing machines
  • Made in USA


Contrad NF is a non-foaming, highly concentrated liquid detergent for use in automatic labware washing machines that dispense liquids. Phosphate-free and chlorine-free, perfect for tissue culture work and meeting strict US EPA Environmental Services Division requirements for environmental lab use. Recommended for high-quality laboratory glassware cleaning where complete rinsability and residue-free results are essential. Contrad NF is well-suited for specialized industrial cleaning processes such as glass apparatus used in labs for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, EPA, and food-packaging applications. Contrad NF maximizes your autowasher’s efficiency. Follow glassware autowashers’ manufacturers recommendations for using Contrad NF in the machine’s preset surfactant dispensing facility. Treated deionized water supply with adequate pressure is imperative. Hard water may leave salt deposits, low pressure inadequate rinsing. This glass cleaning chemical is highly alkaline and should be treated as corrosive. Cleanroom staff should wear protective clothing, eye-protecting goggles, and skin protection when handling. Avoid contact with non-ferrous metals to prevent corrosion.


  • Non-foaming labware detergent
  • Highly concentrated
  • Available in:
    • 1 gallon – 4 units per box
    • 2.64 gallons – 2 units per box
  • Designed for high-pressure cleaning in glassware autowashing machines
  • Phosphate-free and chlorine-free meeting US EPA standards
  • Fully rinsable for residue-free results
  • Made in USA