Hypo-Chlor Sterile Bleach Wipes

Hypo-Chlor sterile bleach cleanroom wipes are prewetted with cleanroom-grade sterile bleach in varying dilutions. The wipes are laundered polyester which is the cleanest material available and they come packaged in small quantities to maintain sterility as they are used. These Hypo-Chlor wipes are oversized at 12″x12″ and great for cleaning larger surfaces. Choose from .25%, .52% or 5.25% dilution strength on these sterile bleach cleanroom wipes.

  • 12″x12″ size
  • 200 wipes, 10 bags of 20
  • Suitable for Class 100+ ISO5
  • Sterile with certificate of analysis
  • Laundered polyester, ultra-clean
  • Double bagged in cleanroom
  • .25%, .52% or 5.25% strength wipe
  • Made in the USA


Hypo-Chlor wipes are our most convenient solution for quick, controlled wipe downs using bleach in sterile controlled environments. Using these wipes is much neater and more convenient than spraying Hypo-Chlor sterile bleach solution, especially if the area to clean is small. When working with bleach in the clean room, it’s important to not overspray and to make sure you cleanup and residues. When using these Hypo-Chlor sterile bleach wipes you don’t have to worry about overspray and you get the convenience of a perfectly saturated sterile bleach wipe. These wipes are polyester knit which is a very clean material and suitable for ISO5 Class 100 use. They are 12″ square, which is a good size for wiping down large surfaces. Depending on the type of cleaning task, you may need a certain dilution strength Hypo-Chlor wipe, choose from .25%, .52% or 5.25%.

  • Sterile with certificate of analysis
  • Larger 12″x12″ size
  • Laundered polyester, ultra-clean
  • Laser cut sealed, particle-free edges
  • .25%, .52% or 5.25% strength wipes
  • ISO5 Class 100 compatible
  • Great for scrubbing, cleaning
  • Double-bagged in a cleanroom
  • Made in the USA