Decon-Clean Residue Remover

Decon-Clean sterile cleanroom residue removal spray is very popular in pharmacy clean rooms where many disinfectants and cleaning chemicals are uses. These chemicals leave behind residues which must be removed so that future applications of the disinfectants will penetrate the surface. Choose from ready-to-use sprays, gallons or aerosol form. We also offer concentrate if you prefer to dilute on your own. Using Decon-Clean assures you that noticeable and unnoticeable residues are removed easily. For added convenience see our presaturated Decon-Clean polyester wipes.

  • Sterile
  • ISO5 Class 100
  • Ready to use or concentrate
  • Removes all residue
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with all certificates of sterility analysis


Decon-Clean is our top selling sterile cleanroom residue remover aside from using sterile isopropyl alcohol. It is available in 16oz and gallon size containers, and in both dilutable or ready-to-use form. Decon-Clean has been specially formulated to remove both noticeable and non-noticeable residues and to restore surfaces back to their normal condition. Residues left behind from disinfectants, sanitizers, sporicides as well as sodium hypochlorite can all be easily removed by using this product. This is important so that when you disinfect a surface, nothing is blocking the penetration of your disinfectant.

  • ISO5 Class 100
  • Sterile
  • Ready-to-use or concentrate
  • Safe for use in all aseptic pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Delivered with a lot specific Certificate of Analysis
  • Delivered with a lot specific Certificate of Sterility
  • Made in the USA
  • GMP cleaning protocol
  • USP 797 compliance