Hypo-Chlor Sterile Bleach

Hypo-Chlor sterile cleanroom sodium hypochlorite is our top selling cleanroom grade sterile bleach solution. Hypo Chlor is available in three premixed concentrations, 5.25%, .52% and .25%. This sterile cleanroom bleach is available in 16oz spray bottles or gallon size containers, and is a ready-to-use product. Each container is double cleanroom bagged and delivered with a lot specific certificate of analysis and sterility. Hypo Chlor is tested in accordance with current USP guidelines.

  • Sterile
  • Ready to use
  • .25%, .52% or 5.25% strength
  • 16oz spray or gallon size
  • Available in wipe form
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with all certificates of sterility analysis
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Hypo-Chlor sterile cleanroom-grade sodium hypochlorite bleach is available as a ready-to-use premixed solution in concentrations of .25%, .52% and 5.25%. We carry Hypo-Chlor in gallons as well as 16oz spray bottles that come individually double bagged with all of the necessary sterility paperwork. We also carry Hypo-Clor in non-sterile form for those clean rooms not needing a sterile sodium hypochlorite. Hypo-Chlor is EPA registered and mainly used as a hard surface disinfectant in cleanrooms and clean areas including healthcare facilities, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities as well as medical device manufacturing clean rooms. This sterile cleanroom bleach should be used only on hard non-porous surfaces. Appropriate areas for using this product include aseptic filling rooms, gowning areas as well as other general manufacturing areas.


  • Ready-to-use
  • Ready-to-use bleach sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Pre-mixed, stable solution
  • Packaged in trigger spray bottle or gallons
  • EPA registered
  • Comes in gallon size or 16oz spray bottle
  • Delivered with a lot specific Certificate of Analysis
  • Delivered with a lot specific Certificate of Sterility
  • Made in the USA