Touch-Free Mopping For Your Critical Environment


PurMop 2.0 ERGO cleanroom mopping system offers touchless mopping for both sterile and non-sterile controlled environments. Handling used mop covers and contaminated cleaning equipment such as mop frames carries a high risk for distribution of contamination in cleanrooms. PurMop Ergo enables a completely touchless operation of the cleaning trolley in only 3 steps.

Step 1 : the Pick-Up     Step 2 : the Dosage     Step 3 : the Discard of the mop cover

image representing touchless sterile cleanroom mopping system

See our PurMop cleanroom mopping training guide.


Reproducible Mopping Processes

Hydroflex PurMop developed an innovative wetting system which provides a pre-defined amount of liquid cleaner or disinfectant on the mop with a singular activity. Eliminating discrepancies in wetting performance due to excessive or too sparse pre-saturation of the mop greatly increases efficacy of the cleaning cycle. The mopping system also removes faulty operational habits such as reusing a contaminated mop. The cleanroom cleaning or disinfecting process is defined by the ERGO system thus it is repeated with a minimum of deviations, increasing the safety and cGMP-compliance of the facility.

Sophisticated ERGOnomic

The PurMop 2.0 ERGO aim is to design the work processes and functions of all components in such a way that the minimum possible health burdens for the user arise. The ergonomics of a controlled environment cleaning system strongly impacts results, and therefore, the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection. Our answer to this: an uncomplicated, easy-to-use, and quick-learn system that requires the least amount of effort, avoids bending and lifting of heavy buckets or boxes, and eliminates the need to touch the mop. The PurMop ERGO cleanroom cleaning system is the answer to usability and built-in safety.

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image representing ergo 230 touch-free cleanroom mopping system

ERGO 230 Non-Sterile Mop System

PurMop 2.0 ERGO 230 is a unique, touchless cleanroom cleaning system of the second generation with plastic buckets. In combination with user-friendly accessories and a selection of our PurMop Safe-Use or Basic-Use mops this system combines ergonomic handling with a durable, cleanroom suitable design. The intelligent ERGO clean room cleaning trolleys set the highest standards of clean room cleaning. The innovative mop wetting device guarantees reproducible results and avoids excess fluid. The intelligent mop discarding mechanism enables a hands-free discarding of used mops. See our PurMop cleanroom mopping training video guide.

  • Polished stainless steel trolley
  • Plastic bucket
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Precise mop head dosage system
  • 3 bucket system – cover holder, dosage bucket, discard bucket
  • Grease-free non-marking ESD castors
  • Completely autoclavable
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image representing hydroflex purmop 2.0 ergo 230-s sterile mop system

ERGO-S 230 Sterile Mop System

PurMop 2.0 ERGO-S 230 is a 100% touchless cleanroom cleaning system. The unique cleanroom hygiene tool is built from high quality stainless steel. Used with a selection of our PurMop mop covers, the ingenious trolley-based cleaning system is ergonomic, durable, and suitable for sterile cleanrooms. The innovative ERGO cleanroom cleaning cart raises the bar for cleanroom cleaning standards. Cleaning consistency is promoted by its mop-wetting feature that doses the precise amount of disinfectant required. Its hands-free feature reduces the time required to clean and eliminates contamination of the critical environment from used mop covers.

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