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image representing lint free sterile dry cleanroom wipersimage representing sterile nonwoven wiper

TrueCare Sterile Nonwoven Wipes

TrueCare sterile lint free cleanroom wipes are our customers’ favorite sterile dry cleanroom wiper. They are super absorbent, extra durable, and economical. Accompanied by a certificate assuring gamma sterilization. These wipes are widely are used in medical device manufacturing, USP compounding pharmacies, as well as cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Sterile
  • Lint-free
  • 9″x9″, 12 bags of 300
  • 9″x9″, 180 bags of 20
  • 12″x12″, 8 bags of 150
  • 12″x12″, 60 bags of 20 wipes
  • Class 1000 ISO6+
  • Most economical dry sterile wipe
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wipedown123 chemotherapy cleanup deactivation wipe kit

WipeDown 123 Chemo Wipe Cleanup Kit

Wipedown 1-2-3 chemotherapy cleanup kit is the easiest and most convenient way to deactivate and clean-up chemo drugs. This 3 step kit is is made in the USA and widely used by hospitals and pharmacies. Step 1 wipe contains 5.25% sterile sodium hypochlorite for deactivating the HD, step 2 wipe contains sterile 2% sodium thiosulfate for decontaminating the surface, and the step 3 wipe contains sterile 70% IPA for disinfecting.

  • 12″x12″ size
  • Case includes 10 kits, 3 wipes per kit
  • Class 100+ ISO5 compatible
  • Deactivate, decontaminate, disinfect
  • Ready to use, saturated
  • Sterile
  • Polyester ultra-clean material
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