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Texwipe manufactures many of our cleanroom consultants’ favorite cleanroom mops. We recommend the Texwipe line of mops because they are easy-to-use, economical, and bucket-less. See the full line of Texwipe mops in the catalog below or our most popular Other popular Texwipe lint-free mops here. They include:

  • the Texwipe AlphaMop which resembles a Swiffer cloth like you use at home, but is far from it. They are constructed from cleanroom-laundered knitted polyester to ensure minimal contamination from particles and extractables.
  • the ClipperMop which uses a special head to attach cleanroom wipes to mop, multiple wipes at a time if needed. This bucketless mop is perfect for smaller critical environment areas.
  • the BetaMop uses laundered polyester strip mop heads, which resembles your typical janitorial or home-use mop constructed from strips. These autoclavable mops are useful for preliminary cleaning as their many edges and expansive surface area effectively loosen debris and are superb for scrubbing.

We offer a best price guarantee on Texwipe mops. Get wholesale pricing and free samples on our top quality line of cleanroom mops.

Texwipe Mops Catalog

See catalog below. Email us with part numbers and quantities desired.

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