Alcoh-Wipe Single-Packed Sterile Alcohol Wipe

Alcoh-Wipes individually packed alcohol wipes are pre-saturated with 70% USP-grade isopropyl alcohol along with WFI, water for injection. These wipes are individually wrapped, with 100 wipes per case. These wipes are made of polyester which is the cleanest of all lint-free wipe materials and is available in your choice of 6”x6”, 12”x12” and 18”x18” sizes.

  • 6″x6″, 12″x12″ or 18″x18″
  • 100 wipes, individually packed
  • ISO5 Class 100 compatible
  • Great overall cleaning wipe, removes residue
  • Sterile with certificate of analysis
  • Laundered polyester, ultra-clean
  • Made in the USA


Alcoh-Wipes individually packed sterile alcohol wipes can be used in both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, stainless steel, lexan, poly-carbonate, glass, and any critical surface that requires cleaning. The alcohol that saturates these wipes has been filtered at 0.2 microns and the entire wiper package is then terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation at 10-6 SAL. Lot-specific certificates of analysis and sterility come with each case. Particulates, residues, and foreign matter is effectively entrapped in the webbing of these continuous knit presaturated polyester cleanroom wipes.

  • Great for final wipe downs to remove residue
  • Polyester material is ultra-clean
  • Sealed edges for guaranteed non-shedding during wipe-downs on abrasive surfaces
  • Lot-specific certificate of sterility and certificate of analysis on all cases
  • Made in the USA
  • ABCD Cleanroom packaging system makes for easy opening, using and sealing of bag
  • Eliminates the need of manually saturating wipes with chemicals
  • Cloth feel softness that is both abrasive-free and abrasion resistant