KimTech 76490 Sterile Alcohol Wipe

Kimberly Clark KimTech 76490 presaturated sterile 70% isopropyl cleanroom wipes are lint-free and safe for use in your ISO4-5 critical environments. These wipes are 9″x11″ which is an efficient size for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Their polypropylene blend material is cleaner than other sterile nonwoven presaturated wipes.

  • 9″x11″ size
  • 400 sterile wipes, 10 bags of 40
  • Class 10+ ISO4 compatible
  • Thicker than other pre-wetted wipes for added durability and absorption
  • Non-shedding, ultra-clean
  • Wetted with USP grade 70% sterile isopropyl alcohol


Kimberly Clark 76490 Kimtech presaturated sterile alcohol wipes are favorite wipes of many of our customers. These wipes are a little larger than other similar pre-wetted wipes and the material is a little thicker and cleaner. Their low-linting quality make them extra-clean and suitable for use in all critical environments. These wipes are constructed from polypropylene, making them more durable and thicker than polyester cellulose wipes. We recommend these Kimtech 76490 wipes if the current sterile presaturated wipe you are using is leaving lint particles behind causing issues with your critical environment’s protocols. These pre-saturated IPA wipes come in cases of 10 resealable bags of 40 wipes, a perfect number of sterile wet wipes to have open at one time.


  • Our cleanest sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • Polypropylene blend material is cleaner than nonwoven wipes
  • Lint-free, non-shedding construction
  • Pre-wetted with sterile isopropyl alcohol
  • Extremely low in particle emission, nonvolatile residue and ionic levels
  • Large size at 11″ by 9″
  • Class 10 ISO4 cleanroom compatible
  • Individually inspected with lot-to-lot traceability using ISO 9000 standards
  • Small wipe count per bag maintains sterility
  • Superior durability and strength
  • Non-abrasive
  • Lot-to-lot traceability