Skin Care Products For Your Cleanroom


Cleanroom skin care is essential. Wearing gloves all day, handling harsh cleanroom chemicals, and constantly sanitizing and scrubbing stress your skin. We carry a complete line of cleanroom skin care products including alcohol-based surgical scrubs and cleanroom hand sanitizers. Our most popular cleanroom skin care hand sanitizers, lotions, and waterless surgical scrubs are offered below. Choose from a variety of cleaners and dispenser options.

We carry both Veltek and Decon Labs skin care products. We carry over 100 cleanroom hand sanitizers, soaps and lotions. Only our most popular items are on the website. If you don’t see what you need below, please contact us to request a quote.

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image representing bacdown gel hand sanitizer for cleanroom use

Bacdown Hand Sanitizer Gel

Bacdown Gel cleanroom hand sanitizer is for professional laboratory and healthcare facilities use where soap and water are not available or convenient. Bacdown Gel cleanroom hand sanitizer is gentle on skin and meets OSHA requirements as a hand cleanser. This product is perfect for frequent use and is an easy-to-use, non-sterile hand sanitizer gel suitable for your lab or clean room. Choose from a squeeze bottle or pump-top bottle. Bacdown Gel includes alcohol, aloe and emollients and evaporates away eliminating the need to rinse with water. Its formula is gentle on your skin.

  • Non-sterile
  • Options:
    • 4oz squeeze bottle
    • 16oz pump top bottle
  • No rinsing needed, self-drying
  • Gentle on skin
  • Meets OSHA requirements
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decon labs bacdown hand soap to use with water

Bacdown Hand Soap

Bacdown cleanroom handsoap is the only soap we carry that you would use at a sink with water. Bacdown soap cleans your hands without drying or chapping and is formulated for repeated hand-scrubbing. This soap blends soothing coconut-based surfactants that are gentle to the skin to avoid dry, chapped skin. Unlike all other laboratory handsoaps, Bacdown handsoap cleans without drying your skin! The unique blending of coconut detergents in this product eliminates skin drying, even when used 20, 30 or 40 times a day as in clinical labs and healthcare situations.

  • Non-sterile
  • 16oz pump top bottle
  • 34oz pump top bottle
  • Coconut-based, almond fragrance
  • Made for repeated hand scrubbing
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image representing dh-06 sterile decon hand sanitizerimage representing refill for decon hand asepti cleanse dispenser dh-09Out of stock

Decon-Hand Sanitizer

Decon-Hand is an ethanol-based hand sanitizer for use in cleanroom environments. Decon-Hand comes in sterile individually wrapped bottles. This product comes in a pump-top bottle or in bags dispensed via the Asepti-Cleanse wall mount dispenser. Decon-Hand is filled in a Class 100 clean room, is filtered, gamma irradiated and validated to a sterility assurance level of 10-6. It is completely lot-traceable from start to finish. Choose from 16oz pump top bottle or 32oz refill for the wall mount dispenser.

  • Sterile
  • 16oz pump top bottle
  • 32oz refill for  wall dispenser
  • Ethanol based hand sanitizer
  • ISO5 Class 100 compliant
  • USP 797 compliant
  • FDA registered
  • Wall-mount hands free dispenser
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image representing proguard hand moisturizer cream for cleanroom useimage representing cleanroom hand moisturizing lotion proguard

Proguard Hand Moisturizing Cream

Proguard cleanroom hand moisturizing cream combines emollients to moisturize dry, cracked skin with a barrier film that seals in the moisture, seals out the problems. It is particularly effective in eliminating the irritation caused by wearing latex gloves. Because Proguard does not contain perfumes, oils, greases, petroleum, aloe or cocoa butter, it is completely compatible with and will not compromise the protection of latex gloves. Choose from a squeeze tube or a pump top bottle. Great for people who continuously glove up throughout the day or have sensitive hands that dry easily.

  • Non-sterile
  • 3oz squeeze tube
  • 16oz pump top bottle
  • Keeps hands moisturized
  • Eliminated irritation from latex gloves
  • Contains no perfumes, oils, greases
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image representing hand free dispenser for purell waterless surgical scrubimage representing purell waterless surgical scrub for usp 797 compliance persistent activityOut of stock

Purell Waterless Surgical Scrub

Purell waterless surgical scrub is our most requested cleanroom skin care product. This FDA recommended formula offers the USP 797 required “persistent activity” which constantly sterilizes your hands for an amount of time after application. We offer the 5483-04 Purell waterless surgical scrub along with the hands-free wall mount dispenser. The dispenser is clearly labeled Waterless Surgical Scrub. There are 4 refills of 1000ml per case. The dispensers are sold individually.

  • Most popular waterless surgical scrub
  • Offers persistent activity
  • USP 797 compliant
  • 4 refills per case, 1000ml each
  • Wall-mount hands free dispenser
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