Criti Clean Sealed Edge Polyester Cleanroom Wipes

Criti Clean Sealed Edge Laundered Polyester lint free wipes have laser cut sealed edges which reduce particle emissions making them the cleanest wipe on the market. These high-quality, US-made wipes are cleanroom-laundered the dried under HEPA-filtered air in an ISO4 cleanroom. Then the wipes are individually inspected and cleanroom double-bagged. These wipes are extremely low in fiber and particle generation as well as chemical extractables.

  • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 50″x60″
  • Class 10+ Iso4
  • Laser-cut sealed edge
  • Ultra-clean for strict environments
  • Great for scrubbing and applying liquids
  • Come double cleanroom bagged
  • Made in USA


Criti Clean sealed edge polyester cleanroom wipes are versatile and durable for any and all cleaning applications in stricter Class 10 ISO4 critical environments. Polyester is great for scrubbing and is a very durable material. These wipes are hand-sewn in the USA and made from domestically sourced raw materials. Sealed edge polyester wipes are the cleanest wipes available and what is used in Class 10 clean rooms. Polyester has a cloth like texture which will not shed any particles. These wipes have been laundered in filtered water and then dried under HEPA-filtered air to ensure you get the cleanest wipes available. Call or email us for free samples on any of our sealed edge polyester cleanroom wipes.

  • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 50″x60″
  • Class 10+ ISO4 compliant
  • Laser-cut sealed edge to prevent particle emission
  • Lint-free, cleanroom-laundered and dried before being packed
  • Superior for scrubbing and for applying liquids to surfaces
  • Comes double cleanroom bagged
  • Ideal for general use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and electronics industries
  • Available in heavyweight version
  • Made in USA