Criti Clean Nonwoven Wipes

This lint-free wipe, our Criti Clean Nonwoven wipe, is are our most popular among many different industries. They are used for all types of cleanroom cleaning which is why they are called “cleanroom paper towels”. They are absorbent, will not tear or shred, and can be used with most cleanroom cleaning chemicals. They are made from a hydroentangled blend of 45% virgin polyester and 55% cellulose.

  • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 18″x18″
  • Class 1000+ ISO6
  • Our most popular lint-free wipe
  • Very absorbent
  • Smooth, will not scratch surfaces
  • Double-bagged in ISO5 cleanroom
  • Cleanroom “paper towel”
  • Made in USA


Criti Clean nonwoven lint-free wipes are our most popular wipes. They are used in so many industries and applications, they are referred to as “cleanroom paper towels”.  These nonwoven cleanroom wipes are made from a blend of polyester and cellulose which makes them durable yet very absorptive.These wipers are a cost-effective option for highly absorbent, lint-free industrial wipes for general wiping for all general cleaning and wiping duties in ISO6 Class 1000 and higher clean rooms. Choose smaller 4″x4″ size for wiping down vials and small items, while the larger sizes are great for wiping down large surfaces. Criti Clean nonwoven lint free wipes are compatible with most cleaning chemicals. Contact us for free samples of these wipes. For higher level of cleanliness, see our laundered polyester lint-free wipes.

  • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 18″x18″
  • Multi-purpose cleanroom wiper for general cleaning and wiping purposes
  • Manufactured and bagged in an ISO5 Class 100 cleanroom
  • Ideal for general use in pharmaceutical, electronics manufacturing, and industrial industries
  • Safe for use in ISO6/Class 1000 through Class 10,000 clean room environments
  • Most popular wipe in Class 1000+ facilities
  • Made in the USA