Steel-Bright Cleanroom Wipes

Steel-Bright stainless steel polish sterile cleanroom wipes keep your steel surfaces shining and free of contaminants and residue. Steel-Bright wipes are extremely convenient and highly effective at polishing and cleaning all stainless steel surfaces in your critical environment. Steel-Bright wipes are non-shedding, ultra-clean, and durable. The larger 12″x12″ size is great for polishing and buffing tables, shelves, and carts.

  • 12″x12″ size
  • Individually packed, 100 per case
  • For use in Class 100+ ISO5 controlled environments
  • Cleans while highly polishing
  • Sterile
  • Saturated with Steel-Bright
  • Made in the USA
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Steel-Bright Wipes are saturated with Steel-Bright which is a stainless steel cleaner and polish that made for cleanroom use. This specialty cleanroom cleaning chemical is a lifesaver for those using bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals on their stainless steel carts and shelves. Steel-Bright removes residue, spotting, clean-up pitting, and staining left on your steel surfaces. Since it’s a sterile specialty cleanroom cleaning chemical, you can use it in your aseptic areas as well as non-sterile. Steel-Bright is an emulsion-based FDA approved (A7) cleaner that will not rainbow or accumulate heavy build-up. When you clean with Steel-Bright, surfaces remain cleaner longer since there is no residue film left on the surface to attract soil. Renew the gloss with wiping and buffing surfaces without any powdery residue.


  • Great for final wipe downs to buff and shine surfaces
  • Individually packed with 100 wipes per case
  • Sealed edges for guaranteed non-shedding during wipe-downs on abrasive surfaces
  • Lot-specific certificate of sterility and certificate of analysis on all cases
  • Made in the USA
  • ABCD Cleanroom packaging system makes for easy opening, using and sealing of bag
  • Eliminates the need for manually saturating wipes with Steel-Bright