Steri-Perox Sterile Peroxide Wipes

Steri-Perox sterile peroxide cleanroom wipes are the only sterile peroxide pre-wetted wipe on the market that is cleanroom grade, certified, and safe for use in even the strictest aseptic pharmaceutical clean room environment. These sterile peroxide wipes give you the convenience of avoiding using peroxide spray to saturate dry wipes, which usually results in overspray as well as either not enough or too much saturation.

  • 12″x12″ size
  • 200 wipes, 10 bags of 20
  • Suitable for Class 100+ ISO5
  • Laundered polyester, ultra-clean sealed edges
  • 3% or 6% peroxide strength wipe
  • Made in the USA


Steri-Perox wipes are manufactured using the highest quality laundered polyester and are laser cut with sealed edges, safe for use in ISO5+ Class 100 and higher cleanrooms. Steri-Perox wipes come in 12″x12″ making them suitable for medium to larger size clean-ups and wipe-downs. Choose from two different dilution strengths of 3% or 6% sterile hydrogen peroxide. Steri-Perox wipes are ultra-clean laundered polyester with sealed edges which is the cleanest material and construction available. Use these sterile hydrogen peroxide wipes as part of your daily cleanroom cleaning procedures.

  • 3% or 6% peroxide concentrations
  • Sterile or clean non-sterile peroxide wipe versions
  • Sealed edges for guaranteed non-shedding during wipe-downs on abrasive surfaces
  • Lot-specific certificate of sterility and certificate of analysis on all cases
  • Made in the USA
  • ABCD Cleanroom packaging system makes for easy opening, using and sealing of bag
  • Eliminates the need of manually saturating wipes with sterile peroxide
  • Cloth-feel softness that is both abrasive-free and abrasion resistant