Criti Clean Foam Sponge Wipes

Criti Clean Foam Sponge Wipers are excellent for applying solutions as well as soaking up spills. They are a favorite wipe for many controlled environment applications where a soft and super-absorbent wipe with exceptionally low particle generation is needed. These sponge wipes can be used with most cleanroom cleaning chemicals and are autoclavable.

  • Sizes from 6″x9″ to 16″x16″
  • Class 1000+ ISO6
  • Mega absorbent
  • Great for applying liquids
  • Amazing for spills
  • Autoclavable


Criti Clean foam sponge wipes are manufactured from a open-cell polyurethane foam material. The open-cell structure of this foam enables the wipe to absorb and retain large amounts of liquid like a sponge. We cleaned multiple surfaces with different textures to test the durability and cleanliness of foam clean room wipes. The Criti Clean Clean-Foam wipes left behind absolutely no particles and stood up to the more abrasive surfaces that caused the other wipes to tear and begin to degrade. Due to the composition of poly foam, these wipes are suitable for ISO6 Class 1000 clean rooms. They are not suitable for stricter ISO5 Class 100 environments. Criti Clean foam wipes are made in the USA.


  • Open cell construction for maximum absorption
  • Great for applying liquids to smooth surfaces
  • Larger 16″x16″ size is great for covering big surfaces
  • Non-shedding
  • Ideal for general use in pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductor industries
  • Safe for use in Class 1000 through Class 10,000 clean room environments