Criti Clean Quilted 2 Ply Polyester Wipes

Clean-Quilt 2-Ply Polyester cleanroom wipes are constructed with two layers of virgin interlock knitted polyester.  These wipes have been cleanroom laundered before being double bagged. We recommend these wipes for deep cleaning applications in ISO 5 environments that need a lot of absorption or extra scrubbing durability. Since these wipes consist of 2 layers they can absorb a large amount of fluid. They are abrasion resistant and will not shed any particles. If working in a less strict environment, we recommend our low-linting nonwoven wipes.

  • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 50″x60″
  • Class 100+ ISO5
  • 2 bonded layers of polyester
  • Huge absorption
  • Laundered, ultra-clean
  • Double cleanroom bagged
  • Made in USA


Criti Clean Clean-Quilt polyester cleanroom wipes are constructed with virgin interlocked knitted polyester that has been cleanroom laundered three times before being double bagged. These 2-ply polyester cleanroom wipes are very durable and great for deep cleaning and scrubbing. We recommend using these wipes when you are working in Class 100 critical environment and need the cleanest wipe available that can handle extra liquid absorption and heavy scrubbing without tearing or falling apart. The two polyester layers are permanently bonded together with a patented heating bonding process that evenly joins both layers throughout. These wipes have small indentations on both sides to help trap dirt particles. Polyester Clean Quilt wipes are extra soft and approved to be used on the most delicate scratch-sensitive surfaces as well as abrasive surfaces with no fear of linting or tearing.


  • Lint-free since these are washed and dried before being packed
  • Great for scrubbing and applying liquids to surfaces
  • Come double cleanroom bagged
  • Ideal for general use in pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductor industries
  • Great assortment of sizes from 4″x4″ to 50″x60″
  • More absorbent than our standard weight polyester wipe
  • Made in the USA