Criti Clean Quilted Nonwoven 2-Ply Wipes

Clean-Quilt Nonwoven 2-Ply cleanroom wipes are made with two heat-bonded layers. One layer is cellulose and then a layer of polypropylene that has been clean-processed and heat bonded together to form an ultra-absorptive lint free wipe. These wipes absorb a lot, they are like two wipes in one. These wipes are extra thick and the polypropylene layer adds durability when cleaning and scrubbing. If a higher cleanliness level is needed, see our cleaner polyester quilted wipe.

  • 8″x8″ or 11″x12″ sizes
  • Class 1000+ ISO6
  • Extra absorptive
  • Very durable
  • Polypropylene and cellulose
  • Lint-free
  • 2 layers


Criti Clean Clean-Quilt nonwoven wipes are constructed with polypropylene and cellulose. These wipes are suitable for Class 1000+ facilities. If you are working in a Class 10-100 clean room we recommend you use the polyester quilted wipes. Our customers really like these quilted cleanroom wipes and use them as a deluxe cleanroom paper towels. These wipes have the texture of a smooth paper towel as opposed to polyester which feels like a cloth. These wipes are great for wiping and drying all surfaces including your hands in the cleanroom. The cellulose and polypropylene layers are permanently bonded together with a patented heating bonding process that evenly joins both layers throughout. These wipes have small indentations on both sides to help trap dirt particles.


  • 2 layers for extra absoprtion
  • Great for scrubbing or drying hands
  • Larger 11″x12″ size is great for cleaning larger surfaces
  • Come double cleanroom bagged
  • Ideal for general use in pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductor industries
  • Safe for use in Class 1000 through Class 10,000 clean room environments