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Cleanroom Skin Care

Skin Care Products For Your Cleanroom

Cleanroom skin care is essential. Wearing gloves all day, handling chemicals and constantly scrubbing will put stress on your skin. We carry a complete line of cleanroom skin care products including alcohol based surgical scrubs and cleanroom hand sanitizers. Choose from a variety of cleaners and dispenser options. Organic aluminum-free deodorant is now stocked as well.

Cleanroom hand soaps, gel sanitizers and hand creams can be found in the below catalog. We carry both Veltek and Decon Labs skin card products. If you are looking for something you don’t see, please fill out the quick contact form to request a quote.

 Check out our Decon Labs Cleanroom Skin Care brochure or scroll down below to check out our most popular cleanroom skin care hand sanitizers, lotions and waterless surgical scrubs from Veltek VAI, Micronova, 3M and Decon Labs.  We carry over 100 cleanroom hand sanitizers, soaps and lotions, if you don’t see what you need below just give us a call.

Purell Waterless Alcohol Surgical Scrub With Persistent Activity

image representing waterless alcohol based surgical scrub with persistent activityPurell Waterless Alcohol-Based Surgical Scrub is the FDA recommended formula with persistent activity that is used for compliance with USP 797. This products also comes with a hand-free wall dispenser that is clearly labeles ” Surgical Scrub” which is required for pre-gloving hand cleaning. Cleanroom Connection has a special contract with Purell to get this products at the best possible cost. Choose from 1000ml or 1200ml refills for the hands-free dispenser.

This advanced alcohol formula kills germs instantly and also offers “persistent activity” which is super important when working in a surgical environment. The skin conditioning agents in this Purell waterless alcohol based surgical scrub keep your hands feeling smooth and healthy. With the required two applications and quick drying performance, this product is safe to use with latex, neoprene, and polyisoprene gloves. There are five effective skin conditioning agents in this formula.


Part NumberDescSizeCase Qty
CC-5483-04Purell Waterless Surgical Scrub Refill1000ml4 Refills
CC-2785-12Hands Free Dispenser1000ml or 1200mlEach

Decon-Hand Sanitizer & Decon-Ahol Sterile IPA Hands Free Dispenser

image representing cleanroom skin care with hands-free dispenser for sanitizer and sterile alcohol asepti-cleanseDecon-Hand is an alcohol based hand sanitizer for use in clean room environments.  Decon Hand is available in sterile or non-sterile form. This product comes in a pump-top bottle or in bags that are dispensed via the Asepti-Cleanse wall mount dispenser. Decon Hand is filled in a Class 100 clean room, is filtered, gamma irradiated and validated to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 and is completely lot-traceable from start to finish. View the complete line of Veltek VAI cleanroom disinfectants.

Decon-Ahol is a sterile high-quality 70% isopropyl alcohol that also can be used in the Asepti-Cleanse dispenser. The refills for the Asepti-Cleanse hands-free dispenser are 32oz each. Decon-Ahol is formulated with WFI water-for-injection and is endotoxin-free. We also sell Decon-Ahol in larger spray bottles and gallon sizes. See below for items part number and ordering information.


Part NumberProduct NameUnit SizeUnits Per CaseSterile
CC-DEC301Asepti-Cleanse Hands-Free DispenserHolds 32oz Refills1
CC-DH10VAI Decon-Hand, Dispenser Refill32oz12Yes
CC-DH09VAI Decon-Hand, Dispenser Refill32oz12No
CC-DECWFI-BOT02VAI Decon-Ahol Alcohol, Dispenser Refill32oz12Yes
CC-DH06VAI Decon-Hand, Pump Top Bottle16oz12Yes
CC-DH04VAI Decon-Hand, Pump-Top Bottle16oz12No
CC-DH100Wall Mount For Decon Hand 16oz Pump BottleHolds 16oz Bottle1

Decon Labs Bacdown Soap and Sanitizing Gel

image representing cleanroom hand sanitizerDecon Labs Bacdown comes in two forms, a non-drying hand soap and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Bacdown Handsoap with Triloscan is used for multiple hand washes under water and will not dry your hands. This product has been documented and tested for use upto 50 times per day with no skin irritation. It has an almond scent and specially formulated by Decon Labs.

Bacdown Hand Sanitizing Alcohol Gel is a smooth alcohol gel that comes in your choice of a pump-top bottle or a smaller squeeze container. This product is used to instantly cleanse your hands when you are away from the sink and meets OSHA’s guidelines for washing your hands. Call for free samples of either Bacdown skin care product.


Part NumberProduct NameUnit SizeUnits Per CaseSterile
CC-7018Decon Bacdown Hand Soap Pump Top Bottle500ml12No
CC-7001Decon Bacdown Hand Soap Pump Top Bottle1 Liter12No
CC-7005Decon Bacdown Hand Soap Refill5 Liter4No
CC-7104Decon Bacdown Gel, Small Squeeze Bottle4oz30No
CC-7106Decon Bacdown Gel, Pump Top Bottle16oz6No
CC-7101Decon Bacdown Gel, Refill1 Gallon4No

ProGuard Cleanroom Hand Cream

image representing proguard hand lotion for clearoomDecon Labs ProGuard professional handcream provides moisture for your hands that also seals your hands with a barrier film. This cleanroom handcream is used a lot for improving hand comfort when wearing latex gloves. This non-greasy formula is also non-perfumed and absorbs quickly into your skin. This product will not break down latex gloves either.

Decon Labs ProGuard Plus is the same product as the above normal ProGuard, except with the addition of Triloscan, an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.


Part NumberProduct NameUnit SizeUnits Per CaseSterile
CC-9503Decon ProGuard Hand Cream, Squeeze Tube3oz12No
CC-9516Decon ProGuard Hand Cream, Pump Top Bottle16oz6No
CC-9416Decon ProGuard Plus Hand Cream, Pump Top Bottle16oz6No

North Fork Natural Aluminum Free Organic Cleanroom Deodorant

image representing organic deodorant North Fork Natural organic, all natural, aluminum free underarm cleanroom deodorant is handmade from scratch by a certified aromatherapist and contains organic essential oils for scent. There are no chemicals or added fragrances to ensure zero underarm irritation. By wearing deodorant with aluminum, you are forcing your body to retain toxins it is trying to excrete as underarm perspiration. When wearing cleanroom coveralls all day it’s tempting to wear antiperspirant but it’s not healthy. These products were hand picked after evaluating over 10 other all-natural organic deodorants.

Its very beneficial to sweat, and it’s understandable at the same time you don’t want to smell. These organic deodorants are very well-reviewed and we have free samples for our cleanroom clients. Choose from four scents, which are created from therapeutic-grade organic essential oils that naturally kill the toxins leaving your body as you sweat. Keep your cleanroom smelling nice.

Part NumberDescriptionCase Qty
NFN-USNorth Fork Natural Unscented Deodorant5pcs
NFN-SMNorth Fork Natural Spring Meadow Deodorant5pcs
NFN-SBNorth Fork Natural Summer Breeze Deodorant5pcs
NFN-MFNorth Fork Natural Mountain Fresh Deodorant5pcs