cleanroom supplies for food processing and hydroponics growing

Sterile Cleanroom Supplies for Safe Food

Our complete line of sterile cleanroom apparel and supplies supports the food safety regulations for food processing and manufacturing facilities.

Whether you are processing livestock and agricultural products in a sterile cleanroom or cleaning food processing equipment, we have you covered.

Cleanroom food processing facilities require lint-free, often sterile, apparel and specialty chemicals and cleaning supplies that are non-shedding, contamination-free, and safe to use around food products.

Selecting Food Handling Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Connection specializes in working with food processing plants that have or are in the process of implementing a controlled environment. We support the nation’s leading food processing cleanroom facilities as well as cutting edge cleanroom farming companies that grow crops inside of clean rooms.

Our clients include:

  • animal food manufacturing (NAICS 3111),
  • grain and oilseed milling (NAICS 3112),
  • sugar and confectionary product manufacturing (NAICS 3113),
  • fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty food manufacturing (NAICS 3114),
  • dairy product manufacturing (NAICS 3115),
  • meat product manufacturing (NAICS 3116),
  • seafood product preparation and packaging (NAICS 3117),
  • bakeries and tortilla manufacturing (NAICS 3118),
  • and other food manufacturing (NAICS 3119).

Our cleanroom experts can help you select the right supplies and apparel to avoid contamination in any area where food is being manufactured or handled. Our sterile apparel and cleaning products are engineered to work with food manufacturing and processing areas to avoid cross-contamination. Regardless of whether the amount of processing is minor or more complex, our cleanroom consultants help you ensure you are taking the right safety precautions.