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Cleanroom Supplies

Expert Assistance To Choose The Right Cleanroom Supplies

Our cleanroom supplies, products, and apparel are top quality and safe for use in your controlled environment. We specialize in cleanroom supplies and helping our customers understand how to use their clean room supplies. Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated account manager who specializes in your particular industry. Our personal customer service is available seven days a week and sets us apart from other cleanroom suppliers. Our strategic relationships with the highest quality cleanroom supplies manufacturers in the USA guarantee lowest pricing for our clients. Our website highlights our most popular products, but we carry full lines of manufacturers’ supplies, products, and consumables. If you do not find the quantities or sizes of cleanroom apparel or cleanroom wipers or perhaps a specific product, call our cleanroom consultants who can find what you need. Ask for free samples for any of our top quality cleanroom supplies and products. Please call us at 800-616-5319 for further assistance.

View our line card of cleanroom supply manufacturers and products categories we carry.


image representing foam cleanroom cleaning wipers lint free

Durable lint free wipes for your critical environment in many sizes, materials, and packaging options.  Compatible for USP 797, GMP, deep-cleaning, and general cleanroom cleaning. Wipers from Criti-Clean, Texwipe, Kimberly Clark, and Cobalt Blue.


image representing cleanroom apparel such as cleanroom coveralls, bunny suit and smocks

Extensive variety of cleanroom apparel for all controlled environment applications. Cleanroom coveralls, lab coats, chemo gowns and more from manufacturers like DuPont, Kimberly Clark, and Criti-Clean. Call for samples of these high quality durable and disposable garments and cleanroom supplies.


cleanroom rated gloves

Cleanroom gloves for lab, medical, and other regulated environments include high quality nitrile or latex rubber material in styles that suit any controlled environment. We have all sizes of non-sterile, sterile, and chemo-rated gloves in powdered and powder-free versions. Free samples available.


cleanroom mopping supplies

Cleanroom mops from Texwipe, Micronova, and Criti Clean. All our mops are lint free and bagged in a cleanroom facility. Most are available in autoclavable styles for aseptic critical environments. Call to receive free samples of cleanroom supplies, mops and covers.

Face Masks

cleanroom supplies and face masks

Cleanroom face masks include earloop, four-tie and head-loop attachment styles. High quality, reliable masks from Criti Clean and Kimberly Clark are suitable for both aseptic and non-aseptic cleanroom applications. Call for free samples to try before you buy.


image representing Cleanroom Disinfectants

Cleanroom disinfectants and solutions for all cleanroom and critical environment protocols. Call for assistance in selecting the cleaners in concentrated or ready-to-use formulas that are compatible with your protocols and the applicators and other solutions you currently use. Decon Labs and Veltek chemicals available.

Sticky Mats

sticky mats for cleanroom floor

Cleanroom sticky mats are available in 30-sheet and 60-sheet per unit models. We stock over 20 sizes and offer custom-sized sticky mat products. Choose from standard adhesive or germ-killing adhesive models. Tacky mat trays are also available which enable easy repositioning of the mat.

Tacky Rollers

cleanroom sticky rollers mops

Cleanroom sticky rollers keep your controlled environment free of loose particles. Roll over walls, ceilings, counter tops,or any other flat work surface for effective cleaning. Add an extension rod to this cleaning tool reach areas beyond normal reach.

Shoe Covers

image representing Cleanroom Booties and Shoe Covers

Cleanroom shoe covers are available in a variety of lint free materials as well as sterile. We stock Tyvek shoe covers and sterile Tyvek shoe covers as well as the popular blue polypropylene material booties.  Call for free samples to evaluate these covers in your critical environment.

Bouffant Caps

lint free bouffant caps made from polypropylene

Bouffant caps for your cleanroom are available in a variety of lint-free materials. These cleanroom head coverings keep loose hair and particles trapped so your environment stays clean. We offer white, blue, green, and yellow colored bouffants in 21″, 24″ and 28″ sizes.

Paper & Pens

cleanroom paper and lint free papers

Cleanroom paper, notebooks, pens, and markers that are safe for use in your critical environment.  Single sheets, notebooks, and notepads are available in many sizes and colors. Our cleanroom pens have convenient retractable tips. Eliminates need to surface sanitize writing instruments.


lint free cleanroom swabs with polyester tip

Cleanroom swabs are available with laundered polyester tip or foam tip. Choose from 3-inch or 6-inch handle lengths and a variety of head sizes. Swabs come double cleanroom-bagged for secure protection of your controlled environment. Proudly made in the USA.

USP 797

media fill test kits for sterility testing and gmp compliance

USP 797 cleaning products for your pharmacy cleanroom include non-shedding wipes, sterile gloves, apparel, media-fill test kits and more. We offer the most complete selection of pharmacy cleanroom supplies and sterility testing products.

USP 800

sterile surgical masks that are gmp compliant

USP 800 hazardous personal protective apparel and other products for handling HDs like chemotherapy. We stock the highest quality chemo gowns, gloves, chemo wipes, masks and spill kits. USP 800 clean room supplies and apparel for HDs.

Chemo Gloves

image representing chemo plus gloves

Chemotherapy-safe handling gloves are ASTM-tested and approved for use in USP 800 compliant pharmacies and healthcare facilities. Our chemo gloves come in both nitrile and latex materials, as well as cleanroom certified varieties.

Media Fill Tests

image representing media fill test kits for sterility testing and gmp compliance

Media fill tests validate the proficiency of lab technicians and pharmacists per USP 797 as well as test for sterility as per USP 71. Hardy Diagnostics media fill kits are available for low, medium, and high risk compounding. We offer the best pricing on Hardy media fill test kits.

Contact Plates

image representing contact plates with agar

Agar contact plates, media, and pharmaceutical microbiology products aid the process of microbial contamination testing as well as USP and GMP compliance. High quality Hardy Diagnostics testing supplies are trusted by the more reputable labs and compounding pharmacies.


sterilization indicators for sterility testing usp 797

SPS Medical sterilization products include wraps, pouches, indicators, Bowie-Dick test packs, integrators, and more. Call for special pricing or to request further information and samples on any SPS Medical product.

Chemo Handling

surface safe chemo wipes for cleaning chemotherapy

Chemo handling products and cleaning systems to ensure safety in your hospital, pharmacy, or home medical supply. We offer chemo-tested and approved chemo gowns, lab coats, cleaning wipes, gloves, and other related supplies.

Finger Cots

static dissipative fingercot for cleanrooms

Cleanroom finger cots are available in both ESD and anti-static treated materials. We stock both latex and nitrile finger cots that are safe for use in your controlled environment no matter what your protocols. Free samples are available on all finger cots.

Skin Care

cleanroom skin care products hand soap

Cleanroom skin care products from Decon Labs and Veltek Associates. Whether you need sterile waterless surgical scrub or a wall mount hands free soap dispenser, we have you covered. We stock a full line of cleanroom hand soaps, scrubs, and sterile wash products.

Cleanroom Cleaning

image representing cleaning services for clean rooms

Cleanroom cleaning supplies include wipes, mops, cleaning chemicals as well as non-shedding protective apparel that covers all your clothes while you are cleaning a critical-environment. Check out this section for our most popular products for people who clean cleanrooms.


image representing sterile cleanroom goggles

Autoclavable goggles and sterile cleanroom goggles protect your eyes against chemical splashes.  Check out our selection of BioClean sterile single-use and reusable autoclavable goggles here. We offer the complete BioClean line of ClearView cleanroom goggles at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Cleanroom Chairs

chairs for use in clean room environments

Cleanroom chairs, stools, and ESD seating products are available in over 50 colors with multiple configuration options. Three standard adjustable heights to choose from. These chairs make it comfortable while using your cleanroom supplies.