PurMop EFB40-S Sterile Microfiber Mop

Hydroflex PurMop EFB40-S sterile microfiber cleanroom mop with scrub stripes was developed for highest performance in cleanroom cleaning. The special polyester scrub stripes loosen even tough residues and contaminants during wiping which are then safely picked up by the microfiber stripes.. This enables superior pick-up ability for regular contamination. It is a sterile disposable mop cover for use with a Hydroflex mop handle and/or the 2.0 ERGO mopping system. The Hydroflex EFB40-S can absorb and hold a good amount of fluid to ensure effective cleaning of your cleanroom floors. These mops are sterile, individually packaged, with 100 covers per case.

  • Sterile
  • Disposable
  • Lint-free
  • ISO 5 Class 100 compliant
  • 100 covers per case
  • Great for deep cleaning
  • Compatible with 2.0 ERGO touchless system


Hydroflex PurMop EFB40-S sterile microfiber cleanroom mop with scrub stripes is the innovative problem solver in our range of cleanroom mops. This newly developed product comprises a dual-component material with alternating microfiber and scrubbing material. The resulting “dual-action” function guarantees an effective and fast removal of particulate contamination and residues from cleanroom surfaces. The reinforced backing material ensures excellent gliding properties, thus making it ergonomic to use. Thanks to the built-in fluid reservoir and the overall good absorbency, EFB40-S achieves high area performance and an even fluid distribution. PurMop EFB40-S is certified for the use in cleanroom class ISO5 by IPA Fraunhofer test institute.


  • Sterile
  • Available non-sterile
  • Lint-free
  • Disposable mop with pockets, 40 cm system
  • High area performance thanks to good absorption ability
  • Ergonomic touch-free handling with PurMop Accessories
  • ISO5 Class 100 compliant
  • cGMP compliant
  • 100 covers per case
  • Compatible with 2.0 ERGO touchless mop system